Monday, September 14, 2009


I am still not quite sure how it happened that I turned around and my baby boy became old enough to go to preschool, but alas it has happened.

Friday was his first real day. We had gone in on Wednesday to meet his teachers and I think that settled his nerves quite a bit. I still thought he was going to cry though.

For the last couple months he has cried a lot when I leave and he knew this was something that he was going to have to do without mommy. He asked me very often, "Are you going to stay with me Mommy?" I feared my weepy reaction if he started to cry.

But, you can see from the above photo and the ones to follow, he was ready to go.

It was a VERY rainy and cold day. He was excited to get to wear his raincoat.

He walked right in, hung up his backpack and coat and started playing. He really didn't even look back. We had to call him over to say goodbye to him.

He had a great first day. At least that is my assumption because I got very little out of him when we got home. I do know that they had Cheetos for snack. That may be the only information I am able to get out of him most days. But, as long as he is loving school, I will be a happy momma.