Friday, May 8, 2009

15 months

Mia turned 15 months old on Wednesday.

It is so hard to believe. Time flies!

She is changing so much and getting to such a fun place in her development.

Her doctor's appointment stats were: 30.5 inches tall and 22 lbs.

Things she is into at this age: her baby dolls and stuffed animals, kitties (though we don't have one and never will be Mark is very allergic), playing in the kitchen (mine and hers), reading and looking at books, her binky, swinging, pushing her walker/stroller, music, clapping, Beau (our dog), dancing and just about anything with Austin or that Austin is doing.

Things she is NOT into: walking without a finger, encouragement or someone ready to catch her if she falls, fruit, getting her diaper changed, being thrown in the air or being flipped upside down, not being able to do exactly what Austin is doing and spending much time away from Mommy.

Things she likes to eat: cheese, yogurt, chicken, bagels, vegetables of almost any kind and ice cream (which she has had a few bites of a couple times).

Words she can say and use: Daddy, Austi (for Austin), Beau, cheese, cracker, chicken, done, ball, kitty, ma spoon (my spoon), please, book, shoes, baby, cookie, choo-choo, quack, moo, doodle-doo (for what a rooster says), hi, bye-bye, Grandpa, Nana, Gigi, doggie, bubble, bath, uh-oh, bottle, happy, play, stinky, peek-boo, eat and boom. (I am sure I am missing a few at least.)

Notice a very obvious word/name missing from the list above?

Cute/funny things she does:
  • tries to put her own diaper on
  • climbs onto or into something like a chair or the laundry basket and then claps for herself and giggles with pride
  • tilts her head to the side and bats her eyelashes
  • plays mommy with all her "babies"
  • points at herself and says "baby"
  • says "hi" to nearly everyone and everything she sees, but then plays shy when attention is paid to her
  • pulls her barrettes out and then tries to put them back in her hair
  • pours water on her head in the bathtub
  • sings little "songs" to herself when she is playing
  • looks at her books and points to and names all the things she knows the words for

You are such a sweet baby and it is amazing how quickly you are becoming a little girl. I love that you still point at yourself and say baby, reminding me that those days aren't completely gone yet.
You bring our family so much joy and we look forward to seeing how you continue to grow and change in the months to come. I have to say that I hope part of those changes include less clingy-ness to me and more independent walking and playing.
The next few months will bring so many new and fun experiences to you as summer is fast approaching and you were really too little to enjoy it last year. I can't wait to see if you like the pool, the ocean, the heat, and so much more.
I love you "bug"!!!



MrsKraft said...

That was so sweet; it brought tears to my eyes. Whether she says it or not, she is mommy's girl. And what an amazing mother you are. Your children will never have cause to doubt they are loved.
Love you, friend.

Casey's trio said...

Beautiful post...happy 15 months to Mia!

Krystyn said...

Oh, what a sweet post.

No "mommy yet?" I'm sure it's coming soon.

If you'd like, I can send you one that says "mommy" or "mom" all day long until you give her your undivided attention!

Clare said...

what a cute post, she sounds like such a sweetheart!

Jenn said...

Cute ! They sure are getting big , Brody doesn't say any form of mom either and he won't hold your hand walking. He loves his stuffed animals though !