Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To My Third Child

Well, considering it has been since November that I have posted something on this neglected blog, it won't come as a surprise that I have been working on a "nine month project."

As would be expected, Austin and Mia have grown in leaps and bounds and are very excited to get to meet their baby brother.

These pictures were taken this morning on the eve of my induction. That's right...this baby is coming tomorrow!

We are SO excited to be adding to our family!

To My Third Child,

It is the eve of your birth and there are so many people that are very excited to meet you. However, I, your mommy, have a little more of an urgent need. You see, you are my biggest baby and for at least a couple weeks you have been making things much more difficult and uncomfortable for me. It is certainly all worth it to have you in my arms, but I won't be missing your acrobatics, the intense heartburn, the sweating and the hip pain.

I have known you were a boy since early on in the pregnancy. As soon as my aversion to coffee flared up, I knew. You see with Mia I could smell and drink coffee fine, but with you and Austin it would send me running. Your abuelita was the same way when she had your grandpa and his brothers.

Generally, my pregnancy with you has been good and easy. I believe you have been my most active baby though! It makes me wonder so often what your personality will be like. What kinds of things will you have in common with your siblings? me? Daddy?

I can't wait to see what you look like! Austin and Mia looked very similar as babies and many people think they still do, but you may just be a completely different mix of Mommy and Daddy.

We don't know you yet, but there is one thing we know for are a blessing! Our family has been through a lot of hardship in the last 10 months, but you will certainly be one of our greatest joys. We have chosen a special name for you and can't wait to share it's meaning with everyone we know.

Austin can't wait to teach you all about cars, trucks and most importantly tractors. Mia can't wait to baby you in all of her motherly ways. Daddy can't wait to show you off. I can't wait to sing to you.

Tomorrow will be your birthday. A day that will forever hold some of the fondest memories of my life. I will try to sleep tonight because you will certainly be keeping me from getting much of that past tomorrow, but it will be a difficult task because I am overflowing with anticipation.

No words can possibly describe the love I feel for you already. I thank God for choosing me to be your Mommy and will certainly do my best to live up to the amazing task of being not only your mommy, but the mommy of 3.

My precious third child...see you tomorrow!



Krystyn said...

Oh my goodness...congratulations.

Here's to an easy birth and an easy recovery.

daningo said...

Beautiful post and pictures!! My third child, a son, has been such a joy. I think being an experienced mom and having perspective makes it a lot easier the third time around :) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy cause he will grow so fast but you already know that :)

So nice to see you blogging again :)

MrsKraft said...

Ok, pictures?????

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