Monday, November 3, 2008

A Berry Nice Halloween...Partner

After frigid temperatures, snow, wind and days of cloudy skies earlier in the week, we were so excited that Halloween was a sunny, beautiful 63 degree day.

My little strawberry was all set for some pre-trick-or-treating pics.

Austin was practicing his best Woody (Toy Story) imitations and making sure he knew how to use his new toy gun.

We headed outside for some daylight pictures.

My kids looked at me like, "You want us to do what?"

Of course, what I wanted them to do was cooperate for a little photo session. Smiling would be nice, but would not be as necessary as staying somewhat near each other, looking at the camera and keeping all costume pieces intact.

For the most part, I was really happy with the results of the shoot.

Mia was unusually cooperative when it came to smiling.

Here she is with Nana.

Then there was Nana with both of her little trick or treaters.

Things started to go downhill quickly and Austin, though appearing cooperative was eager to do anything but stand and get his picture taken. I MIGHT have been bribing him with treats to get this picture.

Finally, Mia had had it with the costume. Off came the hat. Which, of course, I quickly put back on to attempt more pictures.

She cooperated much longer than expected. What kept her so happy and entertained during all of this? Kung Fu Panda! Awhile back Austin got this toy in a kid's meal that makes the kung fu action sounds. She belly laughs when she hears it and so Kung Fu Panda accompanied us outside.

After the photo shoot we headed back inside to wait for the sun to at least begin to set. Here Austin is asking Mia about trick or treating.

Before long it was time to go. My little Woody was all set and could not have been more excited.
He had been practicing for days and though he really didn't remember Halloween from last year, he knew that candy was in his future, so trick or treating must be fun.

"Hey, that is not enough candy. I must keep at this trick or treating thing."

Most of our neighbors set up fire pits and hand out candy from their front yards. It is a great time!

Neighbors who won't be home in time for trick or treaters or are gathering elsewhere with family, usually leave candy with someone else. This particular neighbor, one of Austin's favorite people, was handing out candy for four different people. Major score at that stop!

My little strawberry was already past her bedtime and didn't make it through the whole event, but she sure was cute. Nana and Grandma took her inside and put her to bed while we continued on with Austin. His bucket got so heavy that he could barely carry it. That did not deter him though. It wasn't until someone gave him a Capri Sun and he decided he was thirsty and wanted to go home, that we called it quits.
We wrapped up the evening with yummy bowls of Pumpkin Turkey Chili shared with Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, aunts and uncles.
We all delved into Austin's loot.
After all, we don't want him to get a stomach ache or cavities from having too much candy around.
Hope your Halloween was memorable too!


Jennifer said...

You have the best costume!!!! Please share did you make them,what store?

I love all the pictures:)

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh! Your kids are so sweet! I am totally loving that woody costume. After Eddie saw it, he now thinks he needs one too. Austin looks adorable in it. And your little strawberry, she's just preciuos. Looks like they both had a good time!

mommaof4wife2r said...

ur strawberry is sooo stinking cute! and the cowboy is cowboy-rific!!! so sweet. my mom always come s and t&t's with us too!

Gwendolyn said...

These are some of the most adorable Halloween pictures that I have seen! I LOVE the costumes! :o)

Chelle said...

These are the cutest costumes ever! You got some wonderful pictures, too!

Your neighborhood sounds like a lot of fun, too! How cool is it that people sit outside around their fires!

nicole said...

Just adorable~

Jenn said...

Their costumes were amazing !

Carol said...

My boys would love that Woody costume. What boy wouldn't?

Really cute kids and great pics!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, your kids are cute.
You have the best set up there for trick or treating...can you believe we didn't have ONE kid at our door? Well, I guess it didn't help that we left early and got home late, too!

Anonymous said...

The first picture of Austin outside, I can picture him practicing his best John Wayne impression..."are talkin to me pilgrim?"

tricki_nicki said...

I'm in love with your berry. Your kids are seriously darling!

Midwest Mom said...

I'm glad you had fun. We sure did too. Mine were a kitty cat, a ghost, and a skeleton. I dressed up as a witch (a kind one) and gave out candy on our candle-lit porch. What a great idea that your neighbors leave treats with someone if they have to be away! That is wonderful.

Don't forget to vote! :)

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

adorable photos - cute little strawberry!

Jaysi said...

Woody and the Strawberry are adorable! So glad you had nice weather so you could enjoy the day!

Mamasphere said...

Those are such cute costumes! Gabi's bucket got pretty heavy after a while, too. I was shocked she'd scored so much. Not a piece is left now, lol.

Clare said...

it looks like a wonderful halloween! the pics are soooo cute!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awesome costumes. Woody brings back memories as my 5yo loved him for a long time. Very sweet!!!!!

avtcoach said...

Great pictures of a very fun event. Loved the costumes and seeing the sequence of that photo shoot! Love the cute grins!

Casey's trio said...

I think you were able to get some great pictures! It's tough though thankful for bribery:)

Honey Mommy said...

Too cute!
My little boy LOVES Toy Story and I was thinking of dressing him up as Buzz or Woody next year. Where did you get the costume?

Lindsay said...

Those costumes were ADORABLE! I love Woodie!! And the strawberry - delicious! You've got adorable kids.

Wendi said...

Cute costumes!
Even cuter kids!
So glad your Halloween was wonderful!