Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sorry Grandmas

From the mind of Austin:

The following beverage box was sitting on the counter waiting to be taken to the recycle bin.

Austin: Look Mommy!

Me: What is it Austin?

Austin: Wow Mommy.

Me: What is that on the box?

Austin: It's a grandma.

Me (after turning the box around thinking there may be a different picture on the other side): What?

Austin: It's a grandma, Mommy, it's a grandma. Hi little grandma, hi!

A closer look at the "grandma"

I would love to get in his head and understand the reasoning going on in there.

Sorry to all of you grandmas. I am sure he meant that in the most loving and endearing way. I mean the elf is smiling and carrying what could be gifts or treats on his back.


Leslie said...

rofl, that is just too cute though!! ;)

one of the grandmas said...

OK I definetely need to get my hair done, maybe botox, plastic surgery?

Midwest Mom said...

Pretty spry-looking for a grandma. =D

I bet it was the big smile that made him think it was a grandma? They're such happy folk, you know.

It reminds me of my oldest discussing everyone's hair color when he was three. "Mommy's hair is brown. Daddy's hair is black. Uncle Scott's hair is orange. Grandpap's hair... Grandpap's hair... um, Grandpap's hair is old" It was even money whether Grandpap would find it funny. He laughed so hard his face turned red.

miruspeg said...

I think Austin is right, that is a grandma on the box. Look closely at that beautiful face, that smile.

It would great to get inside their little heads though, they could teach us a thing or two.


Chris said...

It's the eyes I tell ya.

Laural Out Loud said...

My grandma looks JUST like that! Hilarious!

Lindsay said...

That is too funny and adorable. At least she wasn't real and he didn't say it to her "face" in public. LOL. Oh, how I think those brutally honest days may be approaching us...

mommaof4wife2r said...

or it could be the drunken look...what in the world? i love kids. my b told my dad the other night he needed to lose some weight bc he was getting heavy. what? seriously!!!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ha ha ha I LOVE IT! ha ha ha