Saturday, August 22, 2009

If the Kids Could Decorate the Yard

There is a store near Nana's house that sells all sorts of indoor and outdoor art. They have common things like bird baths, ornate mirrors, interesting plant holders and taxidermy. But, they also have many uncommon life sized elephants.

...and fierce looking tigers

...and dinosaurs of all kinds

The realism is unbelievable.

It is honestly a little strange that such a shop is located in such a remote area.

Austin and Mia were thoroughly enjoying the visit and wanted to take home many of the pieces.

This was Austin's favorite.

I wasn't sure if the caboose was for sale, but the kids were having a great time on it.

We enjoyed the brief visit, but as we left I had one question lingering in my head.

Who actually buys this stuff for their yard?

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Anonymous said...


you have to admit this decor would be very exotic!

Tyne said...

Now, that would make for a fun playdate!

Krystyn said...

More importantly, who can afford it? I bet it's pretty pricey...but really cool looking.

watson said...

I have to take Nathan there next time we're in town! He'll be BESIDE HIMSELF!

daningo said...

What fun animals!!