Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Little Fish

One of Austin's favorite parts of being in Florida was having access to a pool day....and night.

One night we let him stay up a little later than usual and go for a night swim with Grandpa. He loved it!

He is a little fish and has no fear of the water. We made sure he had a life vest on at all times because of that.

He was learning and practicing the backstroke from the deep end of the pool.

Grandpa was wearing him out (so he would sleep REALLY well) by sending him right back when he made it to the shallow end.

By far his favorite pool activity was jumping in to do "cabinballs." He did them over and over.

And came up smiling every time!

That's my little fish!


Midwest Mom said...

My boys learned to swim this summer, after overcoming their water fear. What a relief -- and what fun! Now that they've discovered how much they love the water, I can't get them out of it!

We should try a night swim sometime. What a great idea. :D

- Julia

Chelle said...

I love how happy he looks--and who wouldn't be happy with some one on one swimming with Grandpa and staying up late?

Awesome pictures, too :)

Casey's trio said...

Ohhhh night girls would love that! I love the "cabinballs" pics:)

Heather Kibler said...

"cabinballs"... LOL! (ouch!)

Thanks for the smile... it was much needed today.

Kristen said...

You got some great shots Susan!!

YAY for your little fish! And I think a night swim sounds great too!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

I love the lit up pools at night. I read you went to FL for vacay and how hot it was. YES, it is. It's been a very hot summer here and I am longing for the Fall although I will miss swimming everyday. Well, wanted to come by and say hi. I haven't been doing WW at Angie's so I haven't seen you around.