Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mud Bog

Last week while we were visiting Nana, their county fair was in full swing.

On Monday night after I had a day full of photo shoots in my old stomping grounds, we went to the fair to watch the Mud Bog.

In case you aren't familiar with what that is (because I had never been to one either), it is a section of "race track" filled feet deep with mud.

Trucks attempt to make it all the way through the mud by using a combination of lots of horsepower and fancy maneuvering.

The winner is the truck who either makes it through in the fastest time or if none of them make it through, the truck who goes farthest through the mud without making it to the finish line.

It was a family affair for sure. The four of us, Nana & Pap, Gigi & GP and Aunt Amy.

I don't know if the kids were having more fun being on our shoulders or watching the trucks.

Actually, I think it was pretty clear what Austin liked the best.

The next night we were supposed to go back to ride the rides, but it poured rain and we returned on Wednesday.

As we stood at the ticket counter to buy our wristbands, Austin noticed that the woman helping us had an obvious "flaw."

He promptly and loudly said, "Hey, your teeth fell out!"

When she didn't respond to him he assumed she didn't hear him, so even more loudly and this time with an accompanying pointed finger, he said, "Hey, your teeth are missing!"

I think she quickly realized she better acknowledge him. So, she said with a toothless smile, "Yep."

Needless to say, we were just a tad embarrassed though we realized he is 3 and was just making an observation.

Off to the rides we went.

I was sure Mia would not be a fan of us leaving her on a ride, but she did well on the first one.

"Dumbo" was a hit, but the second ride of little rockets that went up and down was NOT. Mia cried the whole time and they stopped the ride early when she started trying to get off.

Austin was a fan of any ride we put him on, but he needed a little more intensity than most of the kiddie rides offered. You can see his obvious boredom with the pace of these vehicles.

After watching Austin ride the train, twice, she decided she wanted to ride it too. And she loved it!

I thought she would like the carousel, but wrong again. She would have been fine if it has just gone in circles, but the up and down motion was not her thing.

Don't you love Mark's, "annoyed at her drama" face?

Finally, after riding kiddie rides for a while Austin was able to ride the two adult rides that he was allowed on.

First the bumper cars, which we all did.

And, second, the highlight of his night....the Ferris Wheel!

We could see the tractor pull that was ongoing while we were up there and he loved it.

It was a great time at the fair with so many people that we love!

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Chelle said...

Great pics, girl! Love the ones at the mud bog.

And I lol'd at the annoyed face...hehe!

Krystyn said...

Oh, looks like a great time. Mia looks so happy on your shoulders!

I can't believe she did the rides!