Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Fun

Austin woke up this Easter to a very special basket. We put it in his room so that he would see it when he got up and we would hear his reaction on the baby monitor. But, turns out he wasn't expecting anything to be different in his room, so he didn't even see it until we came in and pointed it out to him. When he did finally see it he said, "Oooooooh, boooooyyyyy!" Followed by, "Out, out please!" I have to say that I was really proud when the first thing that he pulled out and got excited about was the book. I guess that is the teacher/writer in me! Austin's Easter basket had some very special eggs filled with...
You guessed it....CARS!!!! It wouldn't be an appropriate gift if it didn't have something with wheels and the Easter Bunny is well aware of that. When Mia was born and we would let him help open the gifts we received for her, he always got excited and thought it would be a car, truck, tractor, etc. He would be ripping paper saying, "Ooooooh booooyyyy, trucks!" and then proceed to throw the clothes or blankets for Mia while looking for wheels of some sort. Poor child was disappointed time and time again but never gave up looking for something good in Mia's gifts.
Mia's bunny was telling her how much he loved her little bunny slippers. She was listening intently and wondering what in the world she was doing wearing such "unfashionable" shoes. Of course she didn't say that out loud so she wouldn't hurt the bunny's feelings. Mia enjoyed Easter but is looking forward to next year when she can actually participate in the festivities.
When we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house Austin went to play with his cousins. His cousin Aubrey was nice enough to help him find some of the prehidden Easter eggs. Austin immediately began to enjoy the contents of the eggs he "found". I went to check on him after a little while and saw that he was eating something. I asked him what he was eating and he paused, thought for a moment and said "raisin." Clever child thought Mommy would believe that the dark colored contents of his mouth were actually raisins. I have no idea how much chocolate/candy he had managed to injest up to that point, but it was enough to cause him to have a nasty diaper rash before the night was over. (You can guess why since I don't want to get the reputation for always discussing a certain topic on my blog.)
Later we told him it was time to go find the eggs that were hidden. I am not sure what he was actually thinking as we explained how he would find eggs and put them in his basket, but he felt the need to somewhat hide his eyes while looking for the eggs (explains the picture above).

Though Austin had a great time on the egg hunt he certainly didn't have the most eggs. The reason was that he had to stop, open each egg he found, identify the contents, show Mommy and Daddy, ask to eat the contents, be told "no", throw the egg on the ground because it was now useless and place the candy in his basket. Everyone has their own routine!

By the way, a little Mommy tip for those out there that don't want their kids eating the contents of the eggs at will. This year I used Glad Press and Seal to make little sealed packets of candy to place in the eggs. It was toddler-proof and easy to do. Just lay out a sheet, sticky side up and place little groups of candy in rows. Then cover with an equally-sized sheet, sticky side down and press the edges and between the rows and columns. Cut the sealed sections and you have little packets of candy that toddler/preschooler fingers can't open!

Hope you all had a wonderful and reflective Easter weekend!

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watson said...

Mia is just sooooo cute! Of course Austin is too, but I guess I'm still getting acquainted with her little doll face. Hope things with her are settling into a more consistent rhythm. Love you!