Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ho-----t Chocolate!

One of Austin's favorite movies is the Polar Express. Easily one of his favorite scenes is when the kids on the train are being served hot chocolate and the waiters are dancing around singing the "ho-----t chocolate" song. Last week after he had been playing outside with Mark on a cold day, Mark convinced him to go inside by promising him some "special hot chocolate." Well, being that he is our son, and we both love chocolate, he does too and immediately agreed to come in. The special hot chocolate is a wonderful gift that we get each year for Christmas from Mark's parents. It is made with chocolate shavings and is sinfully rich and delicious. ( mouth is watering right now!) We also have chocolate covered marshmallows to go on that already overindulgent hot chocolate. So, Mark set off to introduce our son to this heaven in a cup.
As you can see from this lip-licking smile, he is a big fan of the "special hot chocolate." As I recall he didn't even come up for air for a good 30 seconds and then there was this adorable chocolate face.
I asked him if it was good and this was the "YEEEESSSSS!!!" I got.
This is the "I've had enough now" face.

Unfortunately, ever since that day he feels like he "needs" special hot chocolate everytime he comes in from playing outside. But, being the cavity-fighting, sugar monitoring, special hot chocolate rationing mom that I am, he has yet to enjoy that treat again.

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