Friday, March 21, 2008


So, for some reason, it is my son's fate to have his head meet pavement or some other damaging surface before each holiday where pictures will be taken, especially Mother's Day. I can go back to every family picture since his sitting up stage and show you a mark somewhere on the child's face. This Easter is no different. Two days ago he was going down the carpeted steps to the basement, as he does hundreds of times in a week, and somehow, with no good explanation, he fell down the bottom flight (he is alright) and got a nasty carpet burn over and under his left eye. Initially it was just a little red, but I knew that was destined to change. Sure enough, by last night it was scabby and sure to show up well in our Easter pictures.

So, I decided to just get the picture out of the way and let everyone see my pre-holiday accident prone child so you won't wonder what we "do" to the poor kid before holidays. (Though I know you don't really suspect us of any kind of abuse.)

Have a Happy (accident free) Easter everyone!

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