Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why create a blog for the "Fordys"?

I recently got "addicted" to reading a popular blog that details the life of a family who lives on a ranch in Oklahoma. ( Doesn't seem interesting does it? Well, that is far from the truth and oddly enough I have a lot in common with the mother of that clan.
Anyway, as I began reading her daily additions I started thinking, "I can do that! And people I know would probably at least marginally enjoy hearing about the comedy, drama and history of our lives, day and night." So, I am going to give this blogging thing a try. I know it would seem a quite daunting task for the mother of a two year old and six week old, but hey I need an outlet right now and this seems the perfect place to "let it out".
I know many of you really enjoy the slideshows I send out and that will not stop, as they are a unique presentation of our lives and that format allows family members to easily order pictures. I will however post pictures on the blog as they become available or as they pertain to particular posts. But, the website I created for Mia will be discontinued so that we can include that information here on the blog.
I hope you will enjoy reading this from time to time. Austin and Mark are usually good for some humor and there is probably a lot about us that you can learn just from keeping up with us here.
For now I have to go take care of my ever-climbing monkey and my often-cranky sweet pea. Hope you all have a great day!


jjblash said...

Great! I think this is soooo cool. You'll do a great job and soon you'll be getting 5000 hits like PW. You do have a lot in common with her. We'll all have fun. Thanks for making the time for us all.

jjblash said...

P.S. you even have Oklahoma blood running through your veins.