Thursday, January 8, 2009


Most mornings that we were at Nana's, Mia slept in (I think due to the elevation and peacefulness). However, one morning she was up unusually early. At first I was really annoyed, but within minutes I was grateful.

The sunrise was spectacular!

I have always been in awe of the colors and power in the sunrise and sunset.

Somehow witnessing that beauty makes me feel closer to God.

On that morning I felt like the sunrise was a gift just for me. I am sure that there were others on their way to work or having a first cup of coffee that admired its beauty. But, since I was witnessing it on my own (except for the baby) I imagined it was mine. And what a gift it was!

2008 certainly had its challenges, tragedies and low points, but I choose to see and dwell on the light, the blessings. Those were beyond measure and when I look at my life I see beauty more spectacular than any sunrise.

As I embark on the dawn of a new year, I am optimistic, grateful, joyful, blessed, encouraged, excited, proud, loved and renewed.

I know that God will do amazing things in and through me this year. My greatest desire is that I will step out of the way and let Him. Jesus is the light in my life. I hope I will be a beautiful reflection of Him in 2009.


Jaysi said...

Wow Susan! That is really beautiful and powerful!

Jenn said...

Those pictures are beautiful !

Midwest Mom said...

Thank you for that beautiful post and for sharing your photos. Isn't it amazing the way a sunrise or sunset can change from moment to moment? It's like life. I'm glad you were able to capture and appreciate the rare beauty of it.

Have a wonderful day. -MM

nana said...

It was a gift just for you. Only when we realize where beauty comes from can we see it the way you did that day and be refreshed in that moment. It is also your special gift that you can capture it in the lense and pass it on for others to enjoy. Thanks for using your gifts and sharing.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful words to go along with awesome pictures. May God bless you and yours this year.

abbyjess said...

What beautiful pictures and words.

It was so sweet of your little girl to get you up good and early to see the sunrise. Hopefully she doesn't make it too much of regular habit. :)

Wishing you all the best for 2009.

The White House said...

What a gorgeous sunrise the Lord made for you!!! And you are a beautiful reflection of Him already... Have a great 09!

Casey's trio said...

Beautiful post...ans what amazing pictures.

Elle said...

great post
I love the sunsets
also the sunrise!