Thursday, January 1, 2009


Dear Santa,

I know that you have just finished your busy season and are probably taking a well deserved vacation, but I thought you could use as many days as possible to try to fulfill one of Austin's requests for next year's Christmas presents.

Over the last week or so he has been fascinated with the night sky.

He loves to look out the window or go outside in the frigid air and see the stars.

He thinks they are "bootafull."

Which they are.

I know that you are probably thinking that what he wants is a telescope so that he can see them better.

Oh no!

Believe me, I wouldn't be bothering you on January 1st to fulfill such an "easy" request.

What he wants is beyond my ability to provide, so I am leaving it in your capable hands.

Good luck Santa!

Out of his own precious little mouth, this is his request: "Look Mommy! Look at all the "bootafull" stars. We NEED a spaceship Mommy. We NEED one! Get it for me, get it for me pleeease!"

This has not been a one time request.

This is nightly.

Explaining that Mommy and Daddy don't have room in the driveway for the spaceship isn't working.

He is relentless.

I'll work on the parking space and launchpad.

The spaceship is up to you.

Enjoy your mini vacation!

With much thanks in advance,


Anonymous said...

Ha! Maybe he would settle for a spaceship ride at the Planetarium?

Leslie said...

rofl, that is too stinking cute~! Yeah, I think a trip to the planetarium might be in order. ;)

Casey's trio said...

How funny!

Anonymous said...

Paige asked for a zebra one year. I thought a really cute and HUGE stuffed zebra would do the trick... It did not. Sadly, the child is now 9 and has never had a zebra to call her own.

Wendi said...

Maybe you should consider moving to Florida before next Christmas so he will be near NASA.
Then he will have a spaceship in his backyard.
Happy New Year to you and your precious family!

Leslie said...

Uhhh, good luck with that! Your blog is sooo stinkin' cute, LOVE your template!!

Jennifer said...

An astronaut in the making! Head on down to Houston and give NASA a tour! Love to meet you!

The White House said...

Hey, we have a spare and I would love to hand it down to you... Let me make a quick call to NASA and clear it with them...

avtcoach said...

Hmmmm...Have you considered writing captain Pickard? That man might have a few left in his garage!! :) Cute story!

abbyjess said...

Ooo, I hope Santa comes through. If not, you might try a cool toy I saw at the park today. It was called a 'stomp rocket'. It should distract your spaceship lover for at least 5 minutes.