Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something New

Mommy took me to get my ears pierced on Saturday. I liked looking at all the pretty things in the store and all the attention I was getting. But, when the lady started to mark my ear with that pen, I knew that I wasn't going to like what was coming next.

They tried to distract me with a cute teddy bear, but the fact that Mommy was pinning my arms down and another lady was holding my head still, confirmed that I was not going to like what was coming.

And then it happened.


I cried so hard I nearly choked on my saliva and then before I could really tell what was happening they did it again.

I looked at Mommy like, "why are you letting this happen to me?" She smiled and told me that it would be okay, but I wasn't so sure she was right.

The ladies that hurt me offered me a sweet yellow thing to calm me down and Mommy actually let me have it. Within seconds I was distracted by the glorious flavor. Turns out Mommy let me have my first lollipop for suffering through getting my ears pierced.

So, tell me, was it worth it?


mommaof4wife2r said...

you are such a mean momma...and such a good one too. i love the earrings! bster looked so cute in hers and jk too! neither can keep the darn things in now, but when i had control, they had them. i am seriously considering getting them for sofer's soon. the sucker will do the trick, i'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture! Such a cutie.

Chelle said...

She looks DARLING in that picture! I think her earrings are beautiful!

Midwest Mom said...

Babies in earrings are always so cute. I bet she *loved* that lollipop! :)

- Julia

Kristen said...

She does look adorable!! And I am sure that she thought the earrings were worth it! LOVE IT!!

I just wonder how hard it would be to keep them clean. Not sure I am ready for that yet! :)

Leslie said...

awww yay for Mia! Love this picture. She looks so sweet.