Friday, February 20, 2009

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

These little trucks bring joy to my little guy's life. But, the real thing makes him downright giddy.

Austin's Uncle Ian and Aunt Leah got him (and Daddy) tickets to Monster Jam for his birthday.

Sunday was the big day.

Here he is all ready to go, with appropriate attire and his favorite loud event headphones.

He took one of his trucks and eagerly waited for the show to start. Unfortunately, he wasn't wearing his headphones as he waited and when the trucks started revving, signaling that the show was about to begin, the noise scared him and he started to cry.

He got over it pretty quickly though when he started to watch the action. (Popcorn helped too!)

He loved all the stunts and mini races.

He loved the popcorn too! Mark said that he was just shoveling it in with his eyes fixed on the trucks. It was one smooth, constant motion.

There were not just monster trucks doing all of their tricks, but motorcycle stunts too. Unfortunately, those pictures didn't come out. He had a great time watching all of it.

Mark tried to get a picture of him smiling at the camera, but he would NOT take his eyes off the trucks.

He has been making loud revving noises all week. Those are usually followed by the him saying in a low, growly voice, "have a Monster Jaaaaam birthday."

It truly was the perfect gift!

Thanks Ian and Leah!

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mommaof4wife2r said...

i love that he is so focused on the trucks...hysterical! and i see he has some major popcorn love too! so cute!!!

Wayne said...

What great photos and the kid looks so in to the show I loved the pne where he is munching on the popcorn

Great photo friday

Casey's trio said...

Adorable....sounds like he had the time of his life! What a great gift:)

echoeve said...

the pictures turned out really great.
My kids want to go to a monster jam so bad. But I think my kids want to go more.

Raise Them Up said...

Oh wow! Your pictures are so good! Not just in this post, either. I really enjoyed reading through your blog today. You have a real gift.

I'm looking for a new camera, and would love to know what you use.


Elaine A. said...

Oh man, he looks totally enthralled! I just love the look on his face in that last one!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

look at him - that is awesome!!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I love the shots of his face, SO into the action! Reminds me of when our oldest was about 3 and he went to a desert race and ended up racing in one of the cars! all we heard for days was "WooHoo!" Good times, he will never forget!

Wendi said...

How cute is he?
And great job Mark on the photos...impressive!
Happy weekend friend.
Loved chatting with you Thursday night!

Chris said...

Oh that is AWESOME! And I love those close ups of his face -- he's so intense!

Kristen said...

Oh that is just the BEST!! I am thinking that Cade would be WAAAAAAYYYYY jealous if he knew such a thing existed!! What fabulous family you have, and how great that he had such a wonderful time!!

Here's to more Monster truck birthdays! :)

Leslie said...

These pictures are the best! His concentration, his eyes.... love it. And that popcorn pic??? priceless! lol~~