Monday, August 4, 2008

Bill Cosby may be out of a job

**I am on vacation for the next two weeks. I am going to try to post here and there and do a few reposts as well. BUT, I am on vacation and I want to spend good time with my family, spend good time at the beach and pool, read some great books and generally relax, so my intentions in Blogland may not be realized. This particular post is a repost from a couple months ago. **

I know that I am a little biased, but I believe that if the good people at J-E-L-L-O saw Austin and his pudding yesterday, they would immediately replace Bill Cosby with my son for their advertisements. I had tried a few times before to feed Austin pudding and he was just never into it. I figured that it was the texture or something. Then yesterday he was perusing the refrigerator for a snack and saw the pudding. He insisted, probably because it was chocolate, that he "have it." He climbed in his chair. I gave him the pudding and went about doing other things. When I returned, this is what I saw.

I guess he finally decided he liked pudding! He used his spoon to get all he could out of the cup and then resorted to his fingers to really get at it. That was followed by extending his tongue as far as possible into the cup to lick it clean. He also put the cup up to his eye at one point to "see" what was left in there up close. Notice the ring around his right eye?
In defense of myself and my maternal role, let me say that I don't usually let my son have so much "fun" with his food. But, when you arrive and it is already this bad you just have to let it go and enjoy the moment (and photo op). And....if you give them enough time to really get into it, I find that every child will ultimately put their sticky, nasty hands in their....HAIR.

The pudding made for a wonderfully sticky gel and actually gave him a cool "do" for an hour or so until I could manage to bathe him. (That story will come tomorrow and you won't want to miss it!)
This is the, "are you watching what I am doing" look. He is in disbelief that I am just standing by letting him make such a mess. In fact, at this point he has paused several times to tell me that he has made a mess, as if I hadn't noticed. Shame on me for letting him get away with this so that I would have good blog material for today.

He then started to get upset that the pudding was all gone and was begging for more pudding.

The kid loves chocolate, in case you missed that in a previous post. So, the new discovery of chocolate pudding will surely have him begging for it for days to come.

As time passed and I kept snapping pictures, he suddenly began to wonder if he was in trouble. This was his face as he was saying, "Sorry Mommy! All done."

So, if any of you know someone who works for Jello, please pass this link along as I am sure they would be happy to see a child so thoroughly enjoying their product. And I am sure he could duplicate this episode for them should they choose to get rid of Bill Cosby and use Austin instead.

Have a great day!

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Munchkins and Music said...

Fun! One time I let my daughter finger paint to chocolate pudding! If you do it on wax paper, you can pull it off and eat it when it dries! Love it!