Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let's Go Fly A Kite

One of Mark's favorite things to do at the beach is fly his trick kite. The last couple years have not afforded him the luxury of getting to spend much time enjoying this activity. When your eyes are on the sky they certainly can't be on a fearless toddler running around near/in the ocean.

However, this year Austin is old enough to appreciate the fun that kites can offer. He loves spotting them in the sky and making appropriate flying noises as they dip and float.

Mark loved getting to fly the kite with him. Trick kites are tricky to fly, so it will certainly be a few years before Austin is old enough to be able to do it alone. I think Mark is just fine with that. You don't get too many moments like these before they are little independent bodies who want to do it all themselves.
We all enjoy watching the trick kite and the stunts that Mark is able to pull with it. Even Mia is able to follow it and had fun that day watching it with her Aunt Bridget.

I have a feeling that kite flying at the beach, which used to be a fun, relaxing activity for Mark, will, in the years to come, be a great family activity that we all look forward to each summer.

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Wendi said...

Oh my gosh...It is Chris Cuomo flying kites with Austin!
It looks like so much fun and it does sound like a wonderful family tradition.