Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Be Back Soon

I know, I know...I have let you down.
I promised to try to post while on vacation, and I only managed that a few times in my two weeks away.
Now I am home and I still have not managed to post.
Believe me I want to. But, the following things have taken over my life:

laundry (piles of it)
restocking my fridge and pantry after being away for over two weeks
getting the kids back on a normal schedule
keeping the kids entertained after they have been used to the beach, pool and many family members to play with
Mia's 6 month doctor's appointment
sorting through two weeks of mail
getting myself back into the swing of things since I don't have the beach and pool to entertain me
The Olympics and NBC's horrible schedule which doesn't really show anything until after 10pm. I am suffering from an olympic hangover as she put it.

But, have no fear. I will be back soon, hopefully tomorrow. There will be pictures and lots of fun vacation stories. I will try to keep them to a minimum though, since I wouldn't want to bore you for too many days.

For now, I hope you will forgive me since I have at least managed to show you one of my favorite pictures of Mia from while we were away. (How can you resist forgiveness with that face?)


Mamasphere said...

Mia looks SO much like you in this picture! So cute.

Mail is my favorite part of the day (well, that, and my head hitting the pillow at the end of the day). I love coming back from vacation and having weeks worth of mail piled up!

Darcie said...

That *is* an adorable picture. Now go get caught up so you can share some vacation stories with us!

carrie said...

What a beautiful shot -- and a beautiful little girl!

Hope you get some rest, you sound busy! :)

Chelle said...

Welcome back!
And I love the picture, she is adorable!

watson said...

what a great picture. can't wait for more photos and stories too!

Wendi said...

Welcome back!
That picture is "frame worthy" for sure!
I will wait with bated breath for the vacation stories and photos.