Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bagel? or...

Austin has an obsession with bagels, though they are known to him as "biggles." When he first learned of bagels he liked them plain and untoasted. But, after having many bites of Mommy or Daddy's biggle, he learned there was something better. So, he started asking to put his biggle in the toaster to have it "worm." He still didn't want cream cheese or butter on his biggle, but didn't mind eating it off of our biggles. Over time he realized that he liked cream cheese A LOT and if I wasn't watching him he would dig his fingers into the cream cheese container and eat it by the finger-full. Now, I should probably mention that I am not talking about plain bagels or plain cream cheese. The boy has come to LOVE vegetable cream cheese with big chunks of green onion, carrot, radish, red pepper and who knows what else on his Everything bagel.
And there is a process he has to eating his biggle. First he must remove the cream cheese by either using his fingers and then licking, or if he is particularly hungry, just plain licking. Then he must dig "channels" in his bagel to get at the soft and now slimy bread.

Usually this is followed by biting and eating the entire hollowed out biggle. However, yesterday while I was upstairs getting some things done, Austin had other plans for his biggle.
I am not sure whether his half eaten bagel was supposed to be a satellite dish, car top carrier, decoration for a bagel delivery truck, invasion of a UFO or some other creative idea from the mind of a two year old. But, I can tell you that Austin certainly knew the exact purpose it.

I came downstairs to see him thoroughly and proudly enjoying his creation with sound effects and all. This went on for quite awhile and I think part of him was wondering why he was getting away with "playing" with his food. Though I probably should have stopped him to keep him from thinking that it was okay to do that with any food, I couldn't help letting him have his fun.

Plus, he did finally get hungry enough that he pulled it off and finished eating it in his usual fashion.

Life with a two year old is never dull!

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