Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Dark, Evil Side (According to Mark)

Since Mark threatened to log into my blog account and post this topic, I figured I would just go ahead and let you all know about what he calls my dark and evil side, "if I have one" (his quote).

Twice now I have posted pictures of Austin with chocolate all over his face. There is good reason why he is such a lover of all things chocolate and at least half of that reason is that I am his mother. The other half of the reason is that Mark is his father. We are all a bunch of crazy chocolate lovers.

In addition to chocolate, I am generally a big fan of dessert, especially those with chocolate. So, on my birthday when we went to dinner at a very nice restaurant called Earl's Prime, I almost asked the waiter to bring the dessert menu so I could see the choices before deciding on the rest of my meal. I didn't want to embarass Mark so I just saved some room. When the dessert menu came I was torn. I LOVE cheesecake, which they had, but since it was not going to be adorned with anything yummy, like chocolate or berries, my eyes wandered to the other options. There was creme brulee (creamy, smooth, carmelized sugar heaven), deep dish apple pie a la mode (mmmm, warm baked goodness), key lime pie (tart and fresh like spring) and chocolate cake. I thought Mark and I were going to share something. He suggested the chocolate cake and I agreed that it sounded good. However, when the waiter came and I ordered the cake, he placed an order for creme brulee. Now, never could I have anticipated this cake. It was embarassingly HUGE! When the waiter brought it out and put it down in front of me, he said "good luck." I looked around to see if anyone was looking at me thinking "what a glutton." I got over it quickly as I stared at my indulgence. It had three layers of fudgy cake, three layers of chocolate mousse and at least a quarter inch of chocolate ganache as the icing. Oh my goodness gracious was that cake fabulous! I only put a dent in it and the waiter packed up the rest for me to take home. The next night I could hardly wait to break out that to-go box and put another dent in that piece of heaven. When I took the lid off the container, most of the ganache and some of the cake remained with the lid since it was so large that the waiter had to squish it down to get it to fit. I set it aside because the ganache was so rich and wonderful that I considered that "saving the best for last." As I was eating MY chocolaty BIRTHDAY cake, I wasn't paying much attention and my first love helped himself to everything that was stuck to the lid. I didn't freak out or even say anything because I AM capable of sharing, even though he did eat the best part. BUT, when I finished what I was going to eat for that night, he picked up the container and began to eat MORE of my chocolate cake and in particular the ganache. Now I HAD to say something! He claimed that he was just trying to get a complete bite with a cross-section of all the parts of the cake...blah, blah, blah. He wasn't so concerned with trying to get a cross section when he was eating all the ganache off the lid. THIS, is my supposed dark, evil side.

Mark says that it only seems to come out when dessert is concerned. It is only then that I am "territorial and completely unwilling to share." What he fails to see is that I only get that way when HE tries to eat the best part of MY dessert.

Once, his mom made some fabulous cinnamon rolls. Now, before I continue, let me ask you a question. What is the best part of a cinnamon roll? I think we can all agree it is that gooey little part in the middle. So, there I was eating MY cinnamon roll and he comes over and wants a bite. I told him to get his own. He said he didn't want a whole one, he only wanted a bite. I agreed to let him have his bite, UNTIL he decided that bite should be the middle of my cinnamon roll. I grabbed the fork before he hijacked it and he was shocked. "What? You said I could have a bite," he said.

There are quite a few similar incidences that he would probably be happy to share with you, but they have somehow escaped me.

I love my husband very much, but when I married him I vowed to spend the rest of my life with him, for better or worse and all that stuff. I don't recall any part of our vows saying that I have to share the best part of my dessert with him. After all, I give him the best of EVERYTHING else I have and do. If that makes me evil and shows my supposed "dark side", then Mark "may the force be with you."

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Mark said...

What my lovely wife fails to mention is that she also gets quite violent when it comes to her dessert, have you seen her Bionic Man post? that wasn't a skiing accident, dessert was involved :) hahaha -