Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mommy's Little "Helper"

Lately Austin has been much more interested in "helping" and interacting with Mia. If she starts to cry you will likely hear him say, "It okay Mia, okay Mia." That is usually followed by his desire to "rock baby." Which sounds so sweet and nice, but usually involves me rescuing Mia before she is catapulted across the room by overeager bouncing or excessive rocking. Oddly enough he has heard me say, "gentle" so many times that he is often saying it while helping her. Yesterday he tried, while she was sleeping soundly in her bouncy seat, to insert her reflux medicine syringe into her mouth. Maybe she was "tooting" and he thought the medicine would help because he seemed surprised that I didn't want him to give her "medsin."

He has also decided that he would like to share certain things with her. A couple days ago he decided to share Beau's dog bone with her. I don't know maybe he is confused and thinks she is more like Beau than she is like him and so she would like to have a dog bone in her mouth (don't worry, he didn't get it there before confiscation). Yesterday, he was trying to share his sippy cup of milk with her. That was really cute and he truly couldn't understand why she didn't want to suck on his cup. Of course, she just stares at him adoringly anytime he pays attention to her.

I try not to think about what other helpful things he has tried to do or share with her that I haven't managed to witness. I have certainly arrived at the "eyes in the back of my head" stage of motherhood!

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