Monday, September 22, 2008

From the World of Austin

Austin is getting to that age where he is full of funnies.

Here are a few from the last couple weeks.

**The most common route from our house has a road that goes through a large corn field. One day we were traveling through and Austin kept saying something in the back seat that I was desperately trying to decipher. It sounded like, "butt-a-on-et." I looked back at him to see if I could figure out what he was saying and noticed that he was looking out the window at the corn. That is when I asked him, "Are you saying, butter on it?"
"Yes Mommy! Butta on good!"

**When we were at the beach in August, Austin had a great time finding and collecting little clams that would be exposed when the water would retreat back after a wave. As they would start to dig back into the sand we would grab them and put them in his sand filled bucket. He loved them, and even when we would return to the house he was obsessed with going to check on them in his bucket. He would stir up the sand with his shovel and watch them dig back down. I was cooking the other day and had just peeled a few cloves of garlic and put them on the cutting board to chop them when Austin grabbed his stool and came over to see what I was doing. When he saw the garlic he excitedly said, "Look Mommy, clammies! Hi clammies!"

**Austin loves to "read" books and have books read to him. He loves to talk along with the parts of the story he knows. One part of every story that he enthusiastically exclaims is, "P end." He also applies "p end" to anything else that he finishes or sees as done.

**I guess that after nearly 33 months of me praising Austin for his accomplishments and such, he has decided that Mommy needs a little positive feedback. He has recently resorted to saying, "Good job Mommy!!!" (Thanks Austin!)

**When Austin wants to convince me or Mark, or anyone for that matter, to do something that he wants to do, he says, "Come on Mommy, it's fuuuuuunnnn!"

**Okay, you know how at the beginning of a movie they "advertise" the production company? Well, Austin's latest movie obsession is Surf's Up which is produced by Columbia Pictures. Columbia pictures has the pastel colored skyline in the background with the mostly gold female statue. The first time we watched it he noticed and said, "Wooooowww! It's bootiful. Look Mommy she's bee-u-tifull." He now points out the "beautiful" Columbia statue every time...with the same awe as the first time.


Kristen said...

I loves that he wants butter on it!

What a good midwestern kid he is!! :)

(Is PA considered the midwest??)

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

these are so great! my mom used to write stuff like this down and i'm so glad she did!

and i love that picture you have of him, it's fabulous!

Midwest Mom said...

My son's latest was to talk about his friend from school who had "frickles"... Why don't I have frickles, Mommy? You know, those polka dots on your face??

He also says "whole and tired" for whole entire. As in:
"Have you been washing dishes for the whole and tired day?!?"

Yep. That's my guy. :D

Cecily R said...

When I turned 25 my mom gave me a binder full of things she'd written down that I said or did as a kid. I LOVED it. These are definately binder worthy...he is ADORABLE.

Mamasphere said...

These are precious!

I need to start keeping better track of the things my daughter says. I love the binder idea.

Jennifer said...

I love the little kid sayings. This is why I blog--to remember what they say in the precious moments.

Leslie said...

Those are just precious! I too love to write down the things that they say. I have a journal that I keep notes in. ;)