Monday, September 15, 2008

More Potty Talk and a Question

I just finished the second full day of potty training with Austin.

I am happy to report that yesterday he only had one accident of each kind (#1 & #2).
He continued to get really excited about his successes and I honestly think at one point he was making himself pee so that he could get another M&M.
(Who could blame the kid right?)

Today was even better!
I figured today would be the real test.
This weekend we didn't leave the house once since we were all sick, but today we HAD to get out and get some things done or Mommy was going to go stir crazy.
We HAD to go to Target and get some more underwear because 6 pair is certainly not enough.

(By the way, inquiring minds want to know. Why is underwear referred to as "a pair" of underwear? It is not like there are two like "a pair of socks.") a little side tracked there, but I really am curious.

In addition to Target, it was also grocery store day.
So, I was about to embark on taking a potty trainer on not one but two errands that would take me no less than an hour and a half to complete.
I left the house stocked with extra clothes, underwear, wipes and, of course, M&M's.
Austin had peed right before we left, but I knew the likelihood of having to take him to a public bathroom for the first time was pretty good.
First stop, Target.
Austin chose Ironman (which he knows nothing about) and Madagascar underwear.
We also got some fun, foamy, green soap for washing hands after going potty.
I asked him no less than 10 times if he needed to go potty while we were there. Obsess much!
In and out we went with no accidents...yeah!

Next stop, the grocery store.
I asked him when we got there if he needed to go potty and he said, "Yes! I needa go potty."
We breezed into the store and right into the bathroom.
I put him on the potty, he sat for a few seconds and said, "I can't Mommy."
"If you need to go potty, then just say pee-pee come out now."
He repeated after me in his sweet little voice and I heard a giggle in the next stall.
Still he either didn't have to go or he was getting public bathroom stage fright.
So, for the rest of the shopping trip I was a nervous wreck that he would pee all over my groceries and make a mess in the store.
But, my little potty trainer did awesome!
We headed home.
After nearly two hours of errand running my kid was completely dry!

But, I knew the inevitable was coming.
He almost always poops sometime before he takes his afternoon nap.
I had been asking him all morning about pooping and he just kept saying, "Nope, nope, nope. I don't have poopies."
He always sort of hides when he needs to poop, so I figured I would catch him.
However, I didn't catch him on Sunday when he snuck into Mark's office while I was getting laundry out of the dryer.
Anyway, shortly after we got home he had finished his lunch and I was feeding Mia her lunch. He started to walk upstairs and I asked him where he was going.
I suspected he was about to "hide."
He said he was going to look out his window at the "big truck" that was parked in front of our neighbor's house delivering something.
I told him NOT to do any poopies up there.
I just had that feeling, but I had to finish feeding Mia who was growing crankier by the second.
My fears were realized when I went up a few minutes later.
Thankfully it was fairly solid and easy to clean up. (Sorry about that detail.)

I put him down for his nap and he slept for two and a half hours without peeing.
The rest of the day was accident free.

So, my question for all of you potty training pros or at least seasoned veterans, what are your suggestions for me about the pooping.
I know it is always the most difficult part, but help me out here.
He understands that there will be a larger reward for pooping.
He understands that it is yucky to go poopy in the underwear.
What else can I say or do to help or encourage him with the pooping aspect of the training?


Octamom said...

Yeah, why is it called a 'pair' of underwear? I have a whole bunch of these language questions I need to ask someone....

I am so wishing I could be more help...and I should be more help, given the 8 kids and all...but my first two (girls) were awful to train, but once they were trained, they trained everyone else--and I am not making that up. They took over the potty training thing and have been much better at it than I was....and then there's that whole memory lapse thing I seem to have over unpleasant chores and yucky diapers and labor and such--I guess that's how some of us end up with eight kids...short memories...

Sounds like he is doing great! He's gonna get this down fast, I'm sure!

Kristen said...

Yea for you on all the progress for the potty training! That really is alot he has accomplished!

Cade took a lot longer to poop train than he did to pee train. The dr. said this was totally normal. He would only poop in a diaper, and not in the potty, even though he was wearing only underwear with no accidents all day long.

But he did finally decide to do it for my mom. The power and influence of grandparents I tell you. Maybe have his grandparents talk to him about it???

Worked for us! Plus, he got a cupcake instead of M & M's. To this day he thinks cupcakes are to celebrate someone's poopy! :)

Theresa said...

I can't help. It appears I was wrong when I potty trained my kids..according to these days.

What I did was the week before their 2nd birthday I got them all excited about 'no more diapers' when they turned 2. The day before their 2nd birthday I bought them a big present- a potty chair all wrapped up in paper and bows. But they weren't allowed to use it until their birthday. The night before their birthday the last diaper was used and we celebrated no more diapers. Then on their birthday they got to wear real big boy or girl underwear and go on their potties. They only had a few accidents, but that was it.

A lot of my child raising skills dealt with encouragement and excitement and expectation about reaching the next stage in their lives. My children are all successful adults.

These days raising children is a whole lot different than it was 20 years ago.

I have 2 step children now, 11 and 13. There are a lot more influences out there and pressure from other parents that make things so much different.

I guess the bottom line is, I would just encourage him and let him know that you know he can do this, he can poop in the potty. It appears that you are doing that already.

Leslie said...

I wonder about the "pair" thing too. lol~

As for us, well maybe you don't want to ask me. Eddie has me in a potty training sort of nightmare. He is 3 years and 5 months old. We were actually doing very well before we moved. It's true what they say, any huge change in a child's life will make them backslide. He did. In a big way. We are just now starting to make progress again. The pee thing isn't an issue, as is the pooping. Some days he goes, some days not. I can't get it either. I've done the encouraging, the gifts on the fridge so he can see them, the sticker charts, and still we are struggling. And now it's time for me to start with my daughter. She turns 2 on the 18th. Ugh. Like I said, a nightmare. It's not been easy. I hope your son does much better than mine has. My only piece of advice would be repetition. Keep at it! ;)

Jennifer said...

I wish I had some wonderful tidbit for you, but I don't. Cavett just hated being dirty so it was really easy. I'm sure I'll be in your boat with Kendrick though.

nana said...

Just read Kristen's comment and I am ready to visit when ever you say it's a good time and I will be loaded with CUPCAKES! Would love to be part of it. Maybe when he poops on the potty he can call and invite Nana for a visit? Love you.

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

thats awesome he's doing so great! i think as far as the pooping thing, just continue encouraging him by asking and watching to try and catch him in the act i guess...

J'Ollie Primitives said...

LOL at Theresa's comment about the birthday potty chair!

My kid would tell me that when her butt was tickling her it was time to go...oooooookaaay. But having some kind of physical signal a little one can relate to might be helpful. We had potty victory dances too. THAT was always fun in public.

Munchkins and Music said...

I need the same advice! :)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Potty training no fun. My first had the poop issue--I promised her a kitty if she would do it in the potty--that was the only that worked.
Good luck--it will happen!

Mamasphere said...

It sounds like he's well on his way! A great start, to be sure. Maybe for the pooping thing, you can tell him it's okay to need privacy, and put a potty somewhere private that he picks out?

AVT Coach said...

So glad it is going so well and I'm with Octamom, it has been so long I cannot remember exactly how it worked. I do remember that my errand day with my first did not go as well as yours!!! I felt so bad for her. Looks like you are close now and at least he knows what poopies are!

Lindsay said...

Um, yeah....SAME problem here. thankfully though - she waits until she has a Pull-up on (nap & bedtime) to do her "duty." Ugh. Seriously - don't they want the BIG PRIZE??? (mine gets a fish/fish tank!) Isn't that enough? Apparently it's cool to poo on Cinderella and such...yuck.

Casey's trio said...

Ya know, it took me a few times to "catch" the girls in the act before they started to telling me they had to poop. They would run off and hide somewhere and I would see the poop face and I would have to grab them and RUN to the toilet...usually made it just in time. He'll get there. You may just have to catch him for awhile. It's nice that he tends to poop at a certain time so you know when to watch him.

Wendi said...

I think you have it all under control!

Swim said the fishy...swim if you can!

Hee. hee.

Congratulations Austin!

You are a big boy now!!!

Wendi said...

I think you have it all under control!

Swim said the fishy...swim if you can!

Hee. hee.

Congratulations Austin!

You are a big boy now!!!