Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Needed That

So today was one of those days where your two year old is into everything and just as soon as you clean up one mess he has accidentally created, you find yet another one. The baby wakes up 35 minutes into her morning nap and won't go back down, but is a total crankster for the next two and a half hours. You can't seem to get anything done and just move from one chore to another trying to do as much as you can before you have to deal with a meltdown from one child or another. And then, to really top it off, when you finally do get your cranky, tired baby down for a nap, your two year old sneaks into her room to "play" and wakes her up.

So, when I took a few minutes to escape from the madness and check a few blogs, it was this that put a smile on my face.

Thank you Amanda! You made my day.
If you have not checked Amanda out please head over and give her some comment love. She is a photographer, nanny and all around great gal.


mommaof4wife2r said...

i have those days...and an award always makes me happy too (i say that like i have sooo many).

good job and i think you deserve another award for being a good mom and not imploding!

Hot Air said...


Oh grrrr! There is nothing that sets me off faster than when my two-year-old wakes up the babies- haha! And nothing calms me down faster than blogging about it. ;)
And props to you for actually trying to clean up the messes. I just give up, wade through junk all day, clean it after they sleep, and watch the clean disappear within two minutes of the kids' arrival downstairs in the morning. Sometimes the two-year-old and I clean up before Daddy comes home. But then the mess just appears after dinner and sits all night. Either way, it's pretty sad. ;D

Someday, I tell myself.

Anonymous said...


Wendi said...

Sorry to hear about your horrible, terrible, awful, no good day!
Glad that you got a little virtual award to cheer you.
You are most deserving.

Casey's trio said...

How awesome! Glad you received a much needed pick-me-up from your bloggy friend:)

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

i'm so glad it was able to brighten your day a little, i know it did mine when I received it! if for nothing else, it's worth that :)

The White House said...

How sweet. I think that is my day, nearly everyday! Hope the next one is better... and congrats on the award.