Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are You Still There?

I know....I know!

I have been really slacking on posts in the last few days...I mean week...but I have been busy.

Really busy!!!

I have been playing outside, selling jewelry, apple picking, rehearsing to sing in a wedding, singing in a great friend's wedding, having a great time at that wedding, visiting the pumpkin patch and much more.

Thank goodness Nana is here!!!

So, I will try to do a better job of blogging this week, but can't make any promises.

I am thoroughly enjoying the built in babysitting and mommy freedom.

I will leave you with a little story from our visit to the pumpkin patch today.


It has been awhile since I did a story that had poop in it, so here I go again.

After taking a tractor pulled hayride (the highlight of his day), Austin had to pee pretty bad.

I didn't think he would make it, but Mark rushed him to the bathroom in hopes of avoiding an accident.

When they entered the bathroom there was a young man of about 12 years of age attempting to change the diaper of his approximately two year old brother.

The toddler was buck naked on the changing table and had a hiney full of poo.

According to Mark, it was a shocking, smelly sight.

His poor brother was desperately trying to clean him up, but there was a quite a mess.

Austin walked in, took one look at what was going on and said, "Nope, nope, nope. I'm good. I no need to go potty anymore."

Mark giggled under his breath feeling bad for the kid, tried to avoid the poopy mess in his path and whisked Austin into a stall.

Austin started to cry and pleaded with Mark to take him out because he didn't need to go potty anymore.

Of course all the while he is holding himself.

Lately, he has become quite a bit more particular about the places where he will or won't go potty.

If there is the least bit of odor, strangeness, automatic flushing toilets, dirty toilets, tight quarters, or really anything he deems out of the ordinary, he refuses to go potty.

So, Mark tried to calm him down knowing that he had to get over his issues and pee.

He finally decided to tell Austin that he (Mark) needed to go potty and he calmed down and said, "Okay Daddy...go head, go head."

He then convinced Austin to go, by holding him up in midair and saying, "One, two, three...GO!"

He peed on demand and as they exited the bathroom the young man was STILL trying to clean up the poop.

Poor kid!

My question was...Where were the parents?


Jenn said...

That's what I was thinking, I still won't let my oldest take my baby anywhere alone with her and she's almost 16!

Casey's trio said...

No kidding...where were the parents? Poor big brother stuck with that job! My girls do the same thing when we walk into a less than desirable bathroom.

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

seriously! that's so not ok to send a 12 year old to do that! it would be one thing if the kid wasn't two and moving EVERYWHERE! but ya, for real.

Leslie said...

I agree, where were the parents? Geez.

amanda said...

oh no where were the parents? how awful!!

and poor austin - bless his heart!!

Lindsay said...

That is so funny...peeing on demand WHILE being held in the air!! LOL. Too cute.

Clare said...

oh, what a cutie!!! i think it would be hard to go with all of that craziness. sounds like you have a lot going on, hope you had a good halloween:)

Wendi said...

Um, hello....I have been even slacker.
No good blogging for me lately.
I hope to resume my addictions next week.
Poor Austin!
And where were those parents?