Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This N That

Sorry I haven't been around the blog world for a few days. It seems that a black cloud of illness is somewhere over my house.

Mia is doing much better. Her fever is gone and now she is only battling with the fact that the antibiotic makes her sick to her stomach so she doesn't want to eat very much. Of course, when the medicine wears off at about 4 am she is starving. So, Mommy is not getting much sleep these days.

On Sunday night, not only was she up at 4 am, but since Austin has had a dry cough we have a sippy cup of water in his crib so he can take a drink instead of crying for us and that means more peeing. Unfortunately, his monitor receiver had fallen face down on the floor and when he cried that he needed to go pee pee we didn't hear him in time. So in the middle of the night I was changing crib sheets and comforting a toddler as well.

Needless to say, on Monday morning, working on about 4 hours of sleep, I was not doing well. About 11:30 I was gathering up the kids to head to the grocery store and I felt a little nauseous, but attributed that to lack of sleep and possible hunger. The longer I was at the grocery store the worse it got and I decided to stop and get Austin a cheeseburger on the way home so that I wouldn't have to make him lunch and could get the kids and myself in bed as soon as possible. Before laying down, I ate a little bit of lunch thinking that would help me. Big mistake!

Laying very still was about the only thing that was helping, but seeing as how Mia decided to only sleep for an hour, that was not happening for long. I tried for about half an hour to get her back to sleep, but when she made it clear that she didn't like that idea, I put her in my bed with some toys so I could continue to lay down.

You know what her favorite game was? Patting Mommy tummy.

Thankfully, Austin was taking his usual long nap and around 5 he was still sleeping and I knew I was truly sick. I called Mark and begged him to come home and relieve me of the torture.

Before he made it home 20 minutes later, I had already put Mia on the floor with some toys and was in the bathroom violently vomiting. In my book, there is nothing worse in the sickness world than throwing up.

The next 20 hours or so were not pretty or fun. Mark stayed home from work yesterday and took care of the kids, but due to the nighttime situation we have going on here, he was only working on 4 hours sleep as well, so I tried to help as much as I could. I should have stayed in bed.

By dinner time last night I was feeling well enough to help out more and cook dinner. However, I was nowhere near 100%.

Today I am feeling much better and will try to conquer the mess my house has become with Mommy being out of commission for a couple days.


On a good note, Austin has started to share even his beloved cars and trucks with Mia. Tractors are a different story.
I hope it will continue when she starts crawling in the next few weeks. Right now it seems like the sharing is totally on his terms and timing.


Last week when Mia was sick I was on my way to put her in her bed and Austin proclaimed that he needed to go potty. I have become quite good and unbuttoning and pulling down pants and underwear one handed, so I did just that and got him on the potty while I ran upstairs to put my little sicky to bed.

When I came back down I checked in on him and he said he wasn't done. I went into the laundry room which was right next to the bathroom to switch the loads. A couple minutes later, I hear him say, "I make a car wash Mommy!"

I cringed. What could that mean?

I went into the bathroom and discovered.

Due to a old pull up style faucet, he can't turn on the water for himself, so while standing at the sink he decided to use the green foamy soap to wash the entire sink. Inside and out.

My white sink had a lovely shade of green with a nice apple scent.

I would have taken a blog picture but I was just too exhausted to go and get the camera. Sorry!


Would you like to venture a guess as to what my son is eating in this picture?

I tinted it so as not to make it too obvious.

But, he has some in each hand.

Answer provided tomorrow!


Jenn said...

Aww sorry , you guys are sick. I'm guessing he's eating cars!

Chelle said...

Aw, hon, I'm sorry that dark sickness cloud won't move on already :( Sending you lots of get well vibes and hoping everyone is well soon!

Leslie said...

Ewww. Sorry to hear about the throwing up, I too agree that there's nothing worse in the sickness world. Hope you are back to 100% soon. It's just awful when you have to do so much. ((hugs)) lol at the car wash. At least it didn't go down the toilet! And my guess?? Hmmm...chocolate cake?

watson said...

so glad you're feeling better and back to blogging. i was missing your updates! my guess is.......hmmmm........mia's biter biscuits.

nana said...

Glad to have you back at your computer. We miss you. I'm guessing he's eating corn with "buta onit".

mommaof4wife2r said...

oh my goodness...well, i would love to say that we haven't been sick, but we are battling it now. in fact, b just puked. i guess we r in for a fun week now. and, we have an open house here on sunday. hope we're all better by for the guess: hopefully it's not the cars that were in the toilet!

Kristen said...

So sorry to hear that you all have been so sick. Honestly, it sucks.

And I totally agree, there is NOTHING worse than puke! Ugh!

Hoping the black cloud moves far far away from your home very soon! :)

I have no idea what he is eating. Hmmm, can't wait to hear the answer.

Anonymous said...


I don't do well on NO SLEEP either.

I'm impressed that your grammar and your post made sense. Sick days are AWFUL. Wishing you WELL days!!!!!!!

tricki_nicki said...

Oh man, that sounds gnarly! You've had a yucky couple of days, that's for sure!

Feel better soon chica!

Octamom said...

So sorry for the tummy sickies--and I am TOTALLY with you--nothin' is worse than the vomit thing! Yuck! On the bright side, I always try to focus on the fact that I will be able to get in my favorite (small) genes when the tummy bug is over--but it is a tough way to diet!


Lindsay said...

Oh guys have really gone through the ringer!! Glad you're slowing but surely starting to feel better and come out of the black abyss...yikes. I feel for you.

Wendi said...

I really thought I had left a comment on this post wishing you many get well wishes!
Sorry friend...hope you are all better now!