Thursday, October 9, 2008


Thank you everyone for your WELL wishes!

Yesterday was a long day. Mia woke up and still had a high fever. She was pretty much inconsolable, which was a new development. I gave her a bottle and she went right back to sleep. When she woke up nearly two hours later, she was burning up. I put her on the changing table to change her diaper. She had the chills from her fever and was fussing. Within a few seconds she got a weird look on her sad face and then started projectile vomiting. It was everywhere and I was covered in it. Mark came in and held her while I cleaned myself and everything else. I called the ped's office and the nurse told me I could bring her in but it would probably be for my peace of mind because it was likely something that just needed to run its course. However, I had talked to the doctor, my friend and neighbor, the day before and she told me that if Mia still had a fever in the morning to bring her in because she suspected it was a urinary tract infection. I got an appointment for 11. It was her third day of having a steady fever between 101 and 104. If nothing else, I NEEDED peace of mind.

While Mia was awake she would just lay on me. She had dark circles under her droopy eyes and she looked miserable.

At the doctor's office she registered a temp of 102.3 and I had given her Motrin an hour before. She was checked out and they decided to "bag" her for a urine sample. Basically, they have a small bag that tapes over part of her bottom and hopefully collects enough urine for testing. I was sent home to feed her and await her pee. I was given another bag in case the first one didn't work for some reason. Good thing, because the first one didn't work. Most of the pee ended up in her diaper and not the bag. So I replaced the bag and had to wait again. Meanwhile, I had a very sick and lethargic baby on my hands. She wouldn't eat and only wanted to be held.

I was feeling progressively worse as well, but knew that I was only dealing with a cold.

I laid Mia in her bed to wait for the urine sample. I prayed it would work because if not they would have to catheter her before the end of the day. I went to lay down and before my head even hit the pillow I heard Austin saying that he needed to poopie. I got him out of his bed and took him to the bathroom. He only peed. Back to his bed, back to my bed. It wasn't meant to be! 2 minutes later I heard him saying he really needed to go poopie. Thank goodness I listened and didn't suspect an attempt at not napping, because he literally filled the toilet with diarrhea. I asked him if he felt bad and he said no. I prayed it was only a fluke or that he was getting my cold. I put him back to bed and prayed as I walked down the hall that I would manage at least a little rest. Like I said, it wasn't meant to be.

Mia started fussing and I knew that she had peed and was uncomfortable because with the bag on the pee would stay close to her skin. I went in and collected the urine, hoping it was enough for testing. I heard Austin and knew he wasn't asleep and a nap was not going to happen for him because we needed to head back to the ped's office. I packed them up and we left.

They did the initial testing when we got there and said there was both protein and blood in her urine. It was suspicious enough to qualify for an antibiotic while they sent the sample out for extended testing which would take 24-48 hours. The pediatrician said she wanted to see Mia's fever gone within 24-36 hours. She will be on the antibiotic for 10 days and then they will do another urine sample.

Before I left to go get the prescription she told me, as she put her hand on my shoulder, that after the antibiotics and the end of her UTI, they want to send her to a urologist because they don't like when babies under one year of age get a UTI. That has me a little nervous, though I am sure it is just a precaution to make sure that everything is properly formed and functioning within her tract.

Today, I am tired, but hopeful. It appears that Austin has my cold too and maybe even Mia, poor thing. She still had a fever this morning, but not as high. She will take a bottle but clenches her jaws if I try to feed her. I am praying that the next 24 hours will bring about a lot of positive change.

Thank you for your prayers!


Wendi said...

Poor Fordy Days and Nights Family!

Did you read my posts last week?

I swear this is my life exactly.

Fever. Urine samples. UTI.


I hope your day is better today.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Get. well. soon.

Jenn said...

My oldest had the pee bag thing on her when we were in the hospital when she was born. I have never had a baby that got that so all I can say is , I hope she starts feeling better soon and don't worry I'm sure they just want to do the test and make sure everything is fine. I have heard of little ones getting them before so it does happen more often then they might let on.

Chelle said...

Oh, honey, I am so sorry.

I just wish everyone was better and all of the fevers were gone.

Sending prayers, well wishes and lots of (((hugs))).

The White House said...

Sweet mommy, how sad and exhausting your post was. I am so sorry that your kiddos are sick, and even worse that you are sick on top of it all. I will pray for you and your kids right now.

Anonymous said...


wishing you a!!

Clare said...

I am so sorry to hear that you guys are sick! The pee bag sounds awful! I know that it is so hard to keep it together when our kids feel bad and are out of their routine! thinking of you!

Kristen said...

Hoping things are looking way way WAY up for you all today.

Hoping Mia's temp breaks, and that you are able to catch up on some much needed rest!

Hang in there!! Praying for you and your family!!

Jennifer said...

Poor thing! Hope you all recover soon!

Casey's trio said...

I had the same experience with one of my girls when she was a baby. One UTI infection and the ped ordered some further tests involving a catheter and dye to see if her urinary tract was working properly. If I remember correctly, urine can go back into the bladder instead of flushing out which can cause the UTI. We were all clear after that first UTI and the tests. Hope Mia feels better soon. Poor baby.

Anonymous said...

How is she (you, Austin, Mark) feeling now?