Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nights in Rodanthe

Does this house look familiar at all? What if you attached some blue shutters?

According to Google Analytics I am getting a lot of people on my blog from searches related to the new hit movie Nights in Rodanthe.
It stars Richard Gere and Diane Lane, and is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks.

Why you ask would they land on my blog?

Well, we vacation there and I have written about it before. In particular, I wrote about my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's wedding. It was a beach wedding in Rodanthe and it was beautiful. To read more about that go here. My in-laws actually have rental homes on the island that you can check out here, here and here.

But, what many seem to be looking for, is information on the house in the movie. Is it a real house? Is it a bed and breakfast? Can it be rented? Etc.

Well, I am about to unload my wealth of information. (wink, wink)

Yes, it is a real house and it is the Northernmost beachfront house in Rodanthe.

No, it is not a bed and breakfast and never was.

Yes, you can rent it (if it hasn't fallen in the ocean) and all the information you need is here. The house is named Serendipity.

A little more about the house:

Every year we expect to go down and see that it is gone. It is VERY close to the water (actually IN the water during high tides as seen above) and the dune has actually moved beyond the house and "eaten" the driveway. It was condemned for awhile, but I guess it has been uncondemned.

Though I don't surf, I have heard that it is a popular house for surfers because the surfing near there is really good.

Only parts of the movie were filmed in and around the house. There are no wild horses on Hatteras Island, so that part of the movie was either staged or filmed somewhere else. Wild horses can be found in the Outer Banks, but not in Rodanthe.

Other facts about Rodanthe:
The local pizza shop, Lisa's Pizzeria, provided the pizza that appears in the movie and they felt very famous for it.

Rodanthe is a very laid back, quiet place. Not very commercialized AT ALL. There are a few pretty decent mom and pop type restaurants. The only chain is a Dairy Queen and they only have vanilla ice cream. There is not much to do except surf, windsurf, relax, hang out on the beach, swim, fish, read, etc.

We love it! Some of our favorite family memories have been made there.

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Hannah Noel said...

That is SO cool!
I really really want to see that movie. I didn't even think it was a real place!!

Love your family pics!!

Chris said...

i was just going to ask you about Rodanthe! What a coincidence!
The pictures of the house look great.
But the one of the blue hat at the beach is priceless.

Anonymous said...

I have to confess, I went to see the movie and thought is was terrible. I had no idea it was a real place or that a house could be underwater and remain standing. Very cool.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

great story - great photos!

angie said...

Now that is a wealth of information. I loved reading about it! And, what great vacations you must have. Lucky you!

Kristen said...

So you just made me want to take a trip to NC tomorrow!!

Love your pictures and wow it looks so relaxing there!

Happy PSF!

CrackerJacks said...

That is a great looking house! You have fabulous vacations! Love the family pics too! So cute!

Please VISIT My PSF. Thanks!

Cecily R said...

Okay, that house looks lovely and all, but I prefer those top two pictures of your babies. Holy CRAP they are adorable!!!

And now I have to see that movie...:)

Weeksie50 said...

That is so cool..
I seen the movie and I loved it..
The house was amazing in the movie..

Eric said...

The Mess at Mirlo Beach. Slide show at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. I too have wondered a lot about that house. It looks like it has a story to tell; even without the movie. Thanks!

Blessings, Whitney

Leslie said...

I've never actually seen the movie either. My bad. I can't believe that house is still standing either. That's pretty amazing. Great story.

Alexandria said...

Oh wow! What lovely pictures :-) It's a beautiful spot!

mommaof4wife2r said...

oh i am in beachy heaven...i love doing the family beach vaca...can i tell you i want to be there right now!!!???!!! and how much funno that you stay in the water at high tide...scary in a way too..anyway, love those pics of the sun loving fam members. i know you have too much fun while you are there!

Lindsay said...

That is awesome! And seriously - that house looks a little creepy.

AVT Coach said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Isn't it fun to be associated with a popular spot! Of course, since Richard Gere is a personal favorite I am even more enamoured with your post. You have great photos! Hope you get lots of hits on your blog.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Thanks for the info. What a cool looking house, but I don't think I would want to stay there looks like it will wash away in a moments notice .... but maybe that is part of the romance of the place.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous house. I love the picture of it in the water. How neat that your family vacationed there and now the movie.

CC said...

That place is awesome! And your vacation pics look like so much fun.

amanda said...

honey how cool is that??

and the pics of your babies - even cooler :)

Jaysi said...

That is truly fascinating!! I love the Outter Banks! Absolutely breath taking! The family photos are fantastic!

Casey's trio said...

What a cool post! I have that book but haven't read it yet. Is it good?

Carol said...

I was just wondering about that movie. Now I feel like I should go see it and impress my friends by sharing my newly obtained wealth of information.

The White House said...

How cool that you have a personal connection with a now famous place! I love that post.

nicole said...

I just read the book right before I heard that the movie came out and really want to see it.

Reading the book already made Rodanthe sound very special and reading even more here makes me wish just to be there, hanging out, peacefully.

Anniki :) said...

I can't believe the house really exists. Fantastic!
I imagine myself living in such place, would be great if you don't have to worry every day about how long it stays in one piece :))

Wendi said...

You are just a plethora of info aren't you?
I feel so much smarter for having stopped by.
Thanks for sharing.
We share a love for the coast of NC.
Have you seen the movie yet?
I loved it!
Hope to catch you soon!

Clare said...

oh that is sooo cool. i read the book a few years ago and wanted to see the movie! it looks like a beautiful place, and the perfect vacation spot!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

i really want to see that movie... and i'm so jealous now that you vacation down there! about 3 years ago i was SERIOUSLY planning on moving to NC. maybe someday i will but for now i'm ok here :)

Anonymous said...

we go to the outer bank as often as possible. after seeing the movie, my 16 yr old daughter and I went to hatteras and sought to find the house. it was a dreary rainy day, but we got to walk around the low tide the water was half way under the house. the house is very special. it stands tall and proud in the midst of its ultimate demise. the house is a movie star, but much more than that. it represents how we all live on the edge, yet the house holds it head high. it is beautiful and eerie at the same time. i have become obsessed with the house. the dot has a camera on it, which i look at every day from work.. however, i really don't think it will fall into the ocean anytime soon. the house has a will of it's own....but I will be sad if it does.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone, I am very lucky and live in the beautiful country of New Zealand but our houses are very new and lack the romance and grandure of this wonderful house. You have brought my dreams alive and I hope to visit Rodanthe and have the romantic time that Mr Gere and Miss Lane had.