Sunday, October 5, 2008


I was tagged by AVT Coach to tell you seven quirky, weird or random things about myself. I have been following her blog for a few weeks now. She is a relatively new blogger, but she shares some great stuff. My favorite part about her blog is that at the end of every post she writes a different definition of abundance. Those are always really great.

Now on with the quirky randomness.

1. I really love football. Part of the reason I love fall is because it is football season. I know a lot about the sport. I used to keep statistics for the football team in high school. I played football in college. Not with the big boys, but on an intramural flag football team. We were undefeated and the other teams did not like us. We were coached by two of the players on the actual West Virginia University football team. That caused just a little bit of jealousy. Because we were so hated by the other teams they often were quite nasty on the field. It was rough play, but I loved it. I often miss those days.

2. I LOVE chocolate, but I don't like mint and chocolate together. I have tried so many times thinking that maybe my tastes will have changed, but so far I still really don't like it.

3. The smell of movie popcorn makes me nauseous. Not when I am pregnant...all the time. When I go to the movies I usually carry something that smells good like lotion, body spray or hand sanitizer so that if someone near me has a big barrel of popcorn I can put something sweet smelling on my hands and just keep them near my face to combat the nausea.

4. I have been in eight car accidents, but I have never been the one driving. I used to fear that I was bad luck to other drivers. I still feel much more comfortable if I am the one behind the wheel.

5. When I took piano lessons growing up I didn't find the task of learning to read music very interesting, so I would always ask my teacher to play the song for me first. I learned to play songs by watching and listening. It took her months to realize that I was playing by ear and not reading a single note.

6. At my wedding reception I got a rather large amount of steak au jus on my dress when I foolishly used a regular knife to cut my steak instead of waiting for a steak knife. In struggling to cut the steak the meat slipped on the plate and splashed au jus onto my dress. I rushed to the bathroom with a couple of my bridesmaids and the reception hall wedding planner. We removed the dress and came up with the genius idea to use baby powder to cover the stain so that it wouldn't show up in the remainder of the pictures (cake cutting, etc.). While my dress was being attended to I was standing in the bathroom in my very pretty underwear. One of Mark's relatives, who I had not yet really met, came in and happily introduced herself to me and gave me a big hug. I could not have been more embarrassed that her first time meeting me was while I was half naked. By the way, the baby powder worked perfectly and my dress came out like new after taking it to the dry cleaners.

7. I am a nerd. I graduated fifth in my class in high school and summa cum laude in college. I have always loved school and pretty much always wanted to be a teacher. Sadly, I wasted a few years in college as an accounting major because my high school teachers convinced me that I didn't want to be a teacher because I was better than that. What??? It frustrates me to this day. I now realize that they must not have respected the profession or liked their jobs very much.

I would love to completely follow the rules on this tag, but I know that a lot of the blogs I read have already done it. So I will tag a few people and let anyone else who wants to do it, jump on board on your own. I tag:

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Can't wait to read everyone's quirky randomness!!!


AVT Coach said...

Susan what a great list! I love it you played football and I bet your husband does too. That means you know what all of the positions are called. As long as I have watched football and loved it I still can't get the positions straight. And...eight accidents! Yikes! So glad you are still all together. I would want to be the sole driver too! This was a fun list and I so enjoy your blog. I look forward to reading the tagged lists you identified. A two I know and the others are new to me. That makes it fun!

Kristen said...

That was so fun!

Guess what? I don't like mint and chocolate either! Too funny! :)

And 8 accidents?? I don't think you are unlucky, just maybe your friends are unlucky?? That too is hilarious! :)

Sorry that your high school teachers told you not to be a teacher. That was not very nice of them. Clearly they should have told you to do what you think you love. THAT is the most important!

Chris said...

These were great -- avt coach got me too.
Playing piano by ear is the only way to go!

Casey's trio said...

The wedding dress story is hysterical! Loved your random facts.

mommaof4wife2r said...

i like it...and i am in awe that movie popcorn makes u nauseated. that must be why ur so skinny!!! thanks for ur quirks!

The White House said...

Hey Susan, thanks for tagging me. I love to read these little lists- so fun. I am going to work on my meme and try to get it up first part of next week. I am trying to do the Avery birthday catch up right now...

Happy 8 months, sweet Mia! She is such a precious baby. I love that smile!

Lindsay said...

Oh, I'm excited to get my list together for both you and AVT may be a few more days yet though - or maybe tomorrow :-) Thanks for tagging me!