Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Away From Home

Those of you who check this daily have probably wondered if I have dropped off the face of the earth or sustained some sort of injury to my hands leaving me unable to post, which by the way is one of my favorite things to do. I seriously have trouble falling asleep some nights thinking about what to write and how I will creatively write it.
Anyway, I am still on the earth and haven't injured myself, though I do have some nasty mosquito and fly bites on my ankles. You see, Mark's brother got married on Monday and it was a destination wedding. The destination being the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It was a perfectly beautiful day for a beach wedding and I will share some pictures when I get home and can play around with them a little bit first.
We are having a great time, though the weather is not exactly summer beach weather. Today it was 68 degrees, but sunny and gorgeous and Austin and his cousins enjoyed running on the beach, getting wet in the cold water and then hopping in the hot tub. Last night we were under a tornado warning for most of the night and as the thunderstorms rolled through we enjoyed the light show displayed by the enormous bolts of lightning that cracked the horizon. We had planned to leave tomorrow, but have decided to extend our trip and stay into the weekend. It is nice to get away and Austin is really enjoying playing with his cousins. I have to admit that I am not getting much sleep because Mia, who was sleeping through the night at home, has decided to wake up several times a night (the girl is a such a homebody). However, though I am tired, the constant sound of the waves and that wonderful, salty sea air bring joy to my soul.
Tomorrow makes four years that Mark and I are married. We won't actually get to go out and celebrate our anniversary because we would have to take Mia and that would not make for a romantic, relaxing evening. But, we will celebrate where these four years have brought us and how blessed we are to be so in love and have two beautiful, healthy children.
When I get home I will fill you all in on the events of this week and also begin to tell you how Mark and I met and fell in love. So, if your romantic side needs a good story...stay tuned because though I am biased, I think our story is pretty remarkable.
I will try to post at least one more time before we go home, but the connection here is spotty so I may not have a chance. I checked my email this morning after nearly a week and had 137 new messages. Woah!
Hope this post finds all of you well and enjoying beautiful May weather!

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