Monday, May 26, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, after a 10 hour trip yesterday, we are home. It actually only takes about 7-8 hours to get to the Outer Banks from where we are, but having little kids no longer allows us to stop for fifteen minutes along the way and manage to eat, go to the bathroom and get gas all in one quick stop. My brother-in-law says that each child you have traveling with you adds one hour to the trip. Turns out he was right!
The kids did really well considering they had to spend the better part of the day in a car seat. Austin watched his current favorite movie "Chicken Little" and Mia slept and played with her car seat toys. We got home about 9:30 and both kids continued to sleep in the car while we unloaded and got their bedrooms ready with nightlights and such so they could go to sleep. We wondered what the night and morning would entail with Austin potentially trying to escape from his crib and Mia having averaged two to three wake-ups a night while we were away after having been sleeping through the night before we left.
I was hopeful but firmly planted in reality. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised.
Austin slept in until 8:15 and didn't even try to get out of his crib. He was happily playing, singing and talking to his stuffed animals in his bed for at least 30 minutes when Mark went in to get him.
Mia slept until 6:15 this morning and then went back to sleep until nearly 9. Now, what is funny about that is that Mark's mom had said a few weeks ago that she was sure that Mia knew when she wasn't at home. She had noticed that when we are at her house she looks around and is generally more fussy and naps less because she knows she isn't where she "belongs." So, go figure that while we were away she was waking up in the night several (agonizing for Mommy) times and napping here and there. First night back and she sleeps basically until morning and is now working on the second hour of her morning nap. She will probably be the kid who has to be picked up from sleepovers at midnight because she can't manage to sleep away from home. Though we are hoping she will eventually outgrow some of her high maintenance ways, she is continuing to prove to us that they are just part of who she is. Oh boy are we in trouble!!
Well, it is a beautiful day here and we are planning on taking the kids to the park and then coming home and making some cheeseburgers for dinner. Though we miss the sound of the waves and the beautiful view of the ocean, we are so happy to be home and back to some semblance of normalcy.
Happy Memorial Day!

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Jenn said...

Yes I think they do know and some of them don't like to be away or it somehow throws them off. We have only taken the baby away once it was awful we didn't get him to sleep until almost 1:30 am and he was back up at 6:00 ,when we got home though he was back to going to sleep between 8-9 the first night and got up around 6-7 . I hope he gets out of the not liking to be away as well, none of my other three ever did that.