Friday, May 2, 2008


One of my favorite things lately is listening to Austin on the monitor when he firsts wakes up from his nap. There is certainly no doubt that he retains A LOT of what he hears.
The other day he was reprimanding one of these innocent looking characters in his bed.
The "conversation" went something like this.

"No, no!! "
"Sit down."
"Don't tush! Don't tush! DON'T TUSH!" (I wish I had a recording so you could hear the way he says that. Don't touch in case you couldn't figure out the translation.)
"Good boy."
"La You" (love you)

I don't know what the culprit did, but he was reprimanded and then shown the appropriate amount of love.
It is amazing how when Austin is talking to his toys he can sound like two adults I know really well. I guess we have officially gotten to a point where we must watch EVERYTHING we say around him because he IS listening...though sometimes that listening is very selective. Before we know it, he will be telling complete strangers embarrassing things we would rather he not share with the world. I bet some of you can't wait for that!

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