Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who You Love

Most nights Mark puts Austin to bed. Part of their nightly routine is to say a prayer for the people they love. Mark told me awhile back that when he would ask Austin who he loved and wanted to pray for, he would always mention monster trucks. So, being the good daddy that he is he would happily include monster trucks in the bedtime prayer.
Tonight I got Mia down to sleep before Mark was done putting Austin to bed so I headed in there to join in the bedtime routine. I only managed to make it in for the very end and it was time for bedtime prayers. Mark told Austin that it was time to say his bedtime prayer and asked him, "Austin who do you love and want to pray for tonight?"
Austin replied with his adorable little voice and total sincerity, "Chicken Little.... and monster trucks."
Fortunately, he also wanted to pray for Mommy, Daddy and Mia. But, according to Mark he always includes those other things he loves.
Oh, the workings of the toddler heart and mind!

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