Monday, May 5, 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful day here and we took the kids out to go to the playground and run some errands. When dinnertime rolled around we decided to head to On The Border and get some yummy Mexican food. Austin is a big fan of ALL types of Latin food (his favorite being Cuban...of course). The great thing about On the Border is they have great children's meal options. Austin's favorite is a marinated, grilled chicken breast with black beans and grilled vegetables. This is by no means the size of a normal kids meal. It is usually enough to feed him at least twice. However, last night he was especially hungry for some reason.
After downing a generous portion of chip and salsa (yes, he eats spicy salsa), he consumed nearly an entire large chicken breast, half a cup or more of black beans, grilled vegetables, two cups of milk, and THEN most of an ice cream sundae. I honestly don't know how the kid didn't explode. And yes, the thought did enter my mind that consuming so much food could cause some kind of problem lately. But, hey, I chalked it up to a growth spurt and we headed home.
When we got home at nearly 8:30, I told Mark that I was going to go upstairs and give Mia a bath. Austin overheard me and begged to take a bath too. Mark didn't want to deal with him taking a bath, but I convinced him to just let Austin play in the water for 10 minutes while I bathed Mia. So, Austin was playing in the tub. I was bathing Mia. And, Mark was trying on some new jogging attire we got that day. I had just finished bathing Mia and was about to lay her down and get her dressed when Austin said, "cook fow you Mommy."
I said, "What are you going to cook for me?"
"Hot shocklit."
"Mmmmm, that sounds delicious."
I laid Mia down and started to dry her off. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Austin was standing up and had a cup and spoon from his bath cooking set. He set it on the side of the tub and was stirring vigorously and saying, "mix shocklit, mix shocklit Mommy." I told him it looked like it was going to be delicious.
I started to put Mia's diaper on her and I heard Austin say, "Uh-oh! Poopie in there." I explained that there was no poopie because I was putting a clean diaper on Mia, but he kept insisting, "uh-oh...poopie in there." So, finally I said, while not looking because I was attending to Mia, "Poopie in where?" And out of the corner of my eye I see him pointing toward the water and saying, "In there!"
I peered into the tub and began yelling for Mark. "Mark, get in here NOW!" He came running in saying, "Sorry I didn't hear you the first time." I explained that that was the first time. "What's wrong?" he asked. LOOK in the tub. (Then I started cracking up because I just couldn't help laughing at the situation.) There, floating in the tub, was an enormous turd. Mark shockingly said, "Where did that come from?"
"What do you mean, where did that come from? It came from your son."
"No way! That is a man sized turd."
"That may be, but nonetheless it came out of Austin."
Mark stood there staring at it until I startled him by saying, "Stop staring at it and get that thing out of there before it touches him or he starts to cry." Meanwhile, Austin was also staring at it in shock and wondering how he should react.
Mark started to scramble trying to figure out how to get it out. He finally decided to use a large tupperware container that we typically use to fill Mia's baby bath. Once that was accomplished he fished out all the toys and placed them in the sink for a thorough dishwashing cycle. He then had to rinse the tub, wash Austin, and finish getting, a now lighter child, ready for bed.
And what did I do you ask? I finished getting Mia dressed and retreated to the basement to watch TV and give Mia her last feeding. Boy was I glad that Daddy was in town!


Eric said...

Nice, I've gotta get my grandboys to On The Border. And from experience, they take showers when they visit, NOT baths.

Anonymous said...

At least he floated the baby ruth in the tub! I was actually worried the story was going to be worse than that when you started talking about him "mixing hot chocolate"!