Friday, May 23, 2008

The Great Escape

Well, it finally happened.
Tonight we put Austin to bed in his pack n' play (because we are on vacation) and left the room. He has always been really good about going to bed and just cozies up with his blanket and in time falls asleep. However, tonight as we sat relaxing in the living room, which is right off our bedroom in the beach house, we soon heard a strange noise. Mark looked over and saw the handle on the door jiggling. He got my attention and said, "Look at that!" I immediately started laughing...not sure why...because I knew what had happened. The kid had finally figured out that his confinement was not very confining and had hopped out. He asked me to handle it but I couldn't because I was laughing so hard. Again, I am not sure why I found it so funny because this is surely going to change our lives.
He finally managed to open the bedroom door and came out with a look of "I know this is wrong but I am two and I just figured out how to prolong or avoid going to bed. Oh...and I had a second helping of courage for dinner tonight."
So Mark got up and carried the little protesting toddler back to bed. However, on the way in he woke up his sleeping sister. Now it was a family affair.
I guess I should explain that for separation (and better sleeping for all) purposes we have Austin's bed in the large master bathroom. If we don't do that he wakes us up when the sun rises just after 5 am. So, for those of you who may think we are bad parents or at least have bad judgement in making our child sleep in the bathroom, sorry but sleep is critical to daily functioning and if that is the only way to get it then so be it.
Now back to the story.
So while I got Mia back to sleep, Mark put Austin back to bed and closed the bathroom door. When I got her settled I put my ear to the door and was certain I heard little feet on the tile. I opened the door and there he stood with his head bowed in shame, partially looking up at me. I told him it was time to go to bed and he said, "No way!" and started pointing to the light coming through the blinds and saying, "Light, Mommy." I put him in the bed, trying with everything in me to be stern and not laugh hysterically at the situation, and he immediately started getting out. I had no idea what time it was so I went out to the living room to find out. Of course Austin followed me and Mark gave me a "what is going on" look. I asked what time it was and he said it was 7:30. I said, "No wonder." I convinced Mark that the problem was that is was just too early for him and he needed to have some story time. Mark read him a couple of his favorite books and then I went over to take him to bed. Yeah right! He was not going to give in that easy.
So before going back into the bedroom and waking Mia up again, Austin and I went to a private corner of the room and had a "discussion" about what would happen if he didn't walk quietly into the room and STAY in his bed. He understood that I was no longer on the verge of laughter and did as asked. I reiterated the consequences after he got in the bed and amazingly he stayed there.
Now, the question is, "Will this new sense of adventure present a problem when we get home and he is in his crib?" He has always loved his crib and even gets upset when I lower the rail. We enjoy the confinement it offers so that he is not wandering in our room at horribly early hours of the morning or walking around the house unsupervised. I REALLY hope this is not a new chapter in our lives, but only a small blip on the radar because we are on vacation and the pack n' play does not offer a dangerous fall like the crib.
I guess we will find out in a couple days. Tomorrow's naptime ought to be interesting!!!

5:45 am - Little feet hit the bathroom floor and soon there is a little hand touching me saying, "Mommy, movie...tooee (Ratatouille)." I tell him it is still night night time and he needs to stay in his bed, but no such luck. I fear that he will wake Mia up and my day will start at 5:45 am, so I encourage him to get in the bed with me and go to sleep. (Up to that point Mark is sleeping through all of this...or at least pretending to sleep.) Austin then begins to squirm, play, talk and generally refuse to go to back to sleep though at times he just lays there because Mark threatens him. I finally give up on getting any more sleep at about 6:55.
My eyes are burning and my brain is reeling with thoughts of what this is going to mean when we get home. I feel like life as I know it is over!

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Jenn said...

I hope you are one of the lucky few, that their child will stay in their crib and not get up at the crack of dawn now. I was always up at 6-6:30 with mine once they figured out how to get out of their cribs so around 16 months they were in beds with the safe rail thing because I though it was better then them jumping from their cribs. I too have had my children sleep in the bathroom,when they were younger and knew that's where they needed to go if they were sick ,I found it better to just make them a bed in there since they could never make it and I was always doing loads of laundry and cleaning carpets, so maybe I'm a bad mommy too, but at least I stopped having to clean floors in the middle of the night. Hope you have a good time !