Thursday, May 8, 2008

Binky Update

Since the day after my previous post on the binky dilemma, we decided to be very firm and strictly limit the binky usage to bedtime. We also have only been keeping one binky around so that it is harder for him to "find" one when he wants it. And believe me...he is a sneaky little booger when it comes to trying to get a binky. He hasn't been able to have them in the car or any other place but in his crib at night. There were many tears initially and it was rough for maybe two days.
As I suspected, he has been talking a lot more lately and has found other ways to be soothed when he gets upset about something. In fact, there have even been a couple times in the last few days where he has told Mark or me that he doesn't want his binky at bedtime. (Hooray...a breakthrough!)
Today while I was showering I put him on my bed to watch a show. I came out of the bathroom and he was happily watching TV and sucking on...

his big, dirty toe! Let's hope that was out of boredom and not the desire to have a replacement for his binky.

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Eric said...

"...he doesn't want his binky at bedtime." Another step to manhood. A couple more wake ups and he'll be asking for the car keys.