Friday, July 25, 2008

Beating the Heat

Last Friday we were in the middle of a nasty heat wave. Fortunately for Austin, we had planned to go to visit Grandma and play with the little boy she watches on Fridays. She had set up the baby pool and some other fun outdoor things for the boys to play with.
Keith is 4 and Austin is 2.5. They had played together a couple times before but Austin was always just a little young for them to really have fun together. That all changed last Friday.

They played in the warm water of the baby pool for a little while, but then found much pleasure in kneeling on the sides and letting the water flow out into the grass. When the pool was nearly drained they realized that it wasn't going to be much fun to play in it anymore. As soon as they started to complain Grandma went and got the hose. There was a watering attachment that the boys deemed the "shou-wa." They were both running around saying, "need a shower, need a shower."

It was cold water. And, with the intense heat and humidity, the water made them shiver, giggle and feel relief, all at the same time.

Then Austin decided he wanted control of the "shou-wa" to drench his new friend.

A great time was had and by the end of the afternoon both boys were absolutely exhausted.

We are headed over to Grandma's again today so that the boys can play together. I am sure another great day of fun is in store.

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Anonymous said...

Those pictures are just adorable. Austin is such a cutie!
I really wanted to thank you, too, Susan, for providing the "something borrowed" for my wedding. Everyone I've shown the jewelry to has just gushed over how gorgeous it is and what a great friend I have to let me use it for my special day.
You really are a special friend.
I will miss you very much!

Killlashandra said...

Cute! I love that shower attachment on your hose. My little one would love that too. We've had similar problems with stepping on the sides of the wading pool to watch the water run out.

Looks like they're having a great time!

Jenn said...

Looks like they had alot of fun, funny how kids can play in that freezing water we wouldn't even want getting our leg! Hope they have another great day!

Jaysi said...

Kids and water....always a fun combo. Great pics!

Autumn said...

That looks so fun! It's awesome where they finally get to enjoy the same things. Lots of summer fun!

April said...

Priceless! Looks like a super fun summer day. :-)

Jenty said...

Looks like they're having an absolute ball!

Mamasphere said...

The pool is our lifesaver on hot, humid days. So great that the boys finally found a way to connect as playmates!

Melissa said...

Yesssss! There is nothing like water to tucker tykes out! I love it!
Thank you so much for stopping by today! It's been a whirlwind! I love your backdrop. It's from the same designer as mine.

Chris Osborne said...

It doesn't get much better than a hose on a hot day.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

We had a very similar occurrence here this afternoon, boys with the hose!

Bren said...

What cute pictures! Nothing like playing in the water to wipe everyone out!

My word verification is "slipubrd." Slip you the bird? ;)

Wendi said...

Love these photos!
Love the story.!
Happy PSF!

Cecily R said...

Now THAT is what summer is all about. PERFECT July PSF.

Your pictures are fun and the boys are just adorable!

Fabulous PSF!!