Wednesday, July 16, 2008

While the Adults are having Mojitos

Though the watermelon mojitos are delicious and we would like to use all of our melon for that purpose, we must be responsible adults and parents and let the kid have some too. And boy does this kid LUUUUUV watermelon!!!I literally have to hide it or he will constantly be asking for some, or if it happens to be cut and on the counter, the little thief will hijack it and sneak away to eat it.

Of course if he does that, I don't have much trouble finding the hiding spot since he always lets the juice run down his forearms and drip from his little elbows.

And really...who can blame the kid. It is way more fun that way. Unfortunately, the dog doesn't like watermelon so I can't count on him to help with the sticky clean up. Oh well, cleaning is my job.

I think Austin would list watermelon as one of the best parts of summer. And this picture says it all!
What are the best parts of summer to you? Hope your summer is turning out to be all you want it to be.


Jennifer said...

How precious! Love that last picture. I loved the mojitos too, but DH didn't really care for them. I also made my simple sugar with Splenda to cut down on calories.

Wendi said...

Love, love, love that last shot...