Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lost in Translation

As a mom (or dad) you end up being the expert in deciphering and translating the "language" of your child. Though Austin speaks pretty clearly for his age, he has some real doozies when it comes to words or phrases that he uses. Here is just a sampling of some of the best of his current repertoire.

digga: digger - any construction type vehicle that he believes is capable of digging

deegaa: digger - the long, drawn out, excited pronunciation of digger when he is surprised by seeing one as we drive around. "Mommy, I see a deegaa, a deegaa! Woah, big deegaa!"

bud-ee: birdie- as in "Mommy look! There's a bud-ee...tweet, tweet." sound effects always included.

men-a-mens: vitamins - as in "men-a-mens, two men-a-mens faw me"

Pee-paw: Grandpa - "Pee-paw wait faw me"

muh-ma-toes: tomatoes - yes, he eats tomatoes. In fact, the kid is so in love with them that I have to hide them or he will constantly be begging for more muh-ma-toes. Hide tomatoes?? Who would have thought.

behpist: breakfast - "want some aw-sage for behpist"

aw-sage: sausage

Mo Kay: I'm okay- (Austin trips or something) "Mo Kay Mommy, Mo Kay"

batwees: "my toy need new batwees"

ro-nee- cheese: macaroni and cheese

puh-poo-tah: computer "watch show on the puhpootah"

Best new phrases he is using:

As he grabs my hand to shake it (almost daily) - "Nice to meet you Mommy!"...cracks me up every time and he knows it.

"Hey, Mommy! Whachoo doing Mommy?"

"See you waiter ow-wi-gatta"

"I needigo night night." (love that one!) "I no wanna go night night" (ugh!!!)

(As he holds my face between his hands) "Wisten to me Mommy, wisten" ...hmmm...wonder where he got that one?


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Don't ya just love it :)
I know I should be correcting my son when he say 'LELLOW' for yellow but it is so darn cute.
Cute post and happy POW :)
(I love your header--you look so happy and in love!)

Carol said...

The men-a-mens is just too cute!

I love all the little mistakes they make with speech it just makes them even more adorable!

Jenny said...

thanks for visiting our site...your little ones are very cute!
I love the words that come out of little ones mouths. They really try so hard!

McMommy said...

This is funny but JUST TONIGHT my hubby and I were discussing how much we miss the way Matty used to say "hamburger"! (he used to say "hangleburger")

Makes you wish you had taken more video, doesn't it? So we can remember exactly how they used to say things!!

amanda said...

love austin's personal dictionary :)

too cute!!

Lisa said...

I love how they talk. And writing it down is priceless, because before you know it they grow out of it and it's easy to forget!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

OHmommy said...

I puffy heart toddlerish.

I am actually fluent in it. Did you know?

Jenn said...

How cute, I can't wait for Brody to start talking and most days I wish the older ones would be quiet! haha

Wendi said...

Love Austin talk!
Too cute!
I am already missing some of Cole's words.
I think this post made me miss them more.

Chelle said...

How cute! I can't wait until Isabella starts to talk and says her own words :)

The Mom said...

I love this!! I chronicle my 2 year old's talk too!

Monica said...

I love reading about how he is pronouncing his words. It reminds me of my baby (now turning 8 in Sept). For a long time he said M and N's for m&m's, and to this day he says renember for remember. It doesn't happen as much at his age, but still adorable.

Jennifer said...

THose are really cute. Love the Nice to meet you! Why is breakfast so hard to say? Cavett still says breakfix.