Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dirty Llamas

Last night we were coming home from my in-law's house and as we passed a small farm with llamas I stopped so that Austin could see a Mommy llama and her baby near the fence.

Me: Austin look at the llamas
Austin: OH Mommy! Touch the llamas please?
Me: No honey. I'm sorry but we can't touch the llamas.
Austin: (sadly) Yeah. No touch the llamas. They're dirty.
Me: (giggling) Yes, Austin since they live outside they are dirty.
Austin: (pausing for a moment to ponder) Hey Mommy!
Me: Yes Austin.
Austin: I want to wash the llamas pleeeeeease.
Me: (laughing) No honey. We can't wash the llamas.
Austin: (sadly, but matter of fact) Yeah. Too heavy.

I have no idea what he meant by that but it made perfect sense to him. I appreciated the laugh and reminder of what a sweet time in my life I am currently experiencing.


Carol said...

Oh bless him, if only it were that easy to clean the Llama's.

I love the things they come out with that make reasonalbe sense in their little heads.

To cute!

Wendi said...

Too cute!!!

Love what they can come up with!