Saturday, July 12, 2008

Her Smile

Pretty soon this gummy smile will disappear.
Mia is teething!
Austin didn't get teeth until he was nearly 10 months old, but she is already starting.
The other day she woke up from her nap prematurely as she had been doing for a couple days. I decided to try to get her back to sleep by laying down in my bed with her. Actually, I selfishly wanted a little nap and was just hoping that would work, though it is rarely successful. I laid down with her and she beamed a huge smile at me. I know she was thinking, "Yes! I wanted to spend some one on one time with you Mommy." As she laid there smiling at me, I looked into her mouth and noticed two little white spots on her lower gums. Now I knew why she was waking up early from her naps and in the middle of the night...teething.
So far I can't feel the sharpness of the teeth actually breaking through, but she is chewing on her fingers and fist, and drooling like a leaking dam. She not only soaks herself most of the time, but me too. I have definitely been displaying quite a "mommy" fashion statement lately!
Another Mia first is on the way.


Jenn said...

Brody has been doing that for the last month or so really bad. I still haven't seen anything yet though and I check everyday! Hope she gets them and doesn't have too much trouble.

Wendi said...

Oh how I remember.
I wish you much luck.

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