Thursday, July 10, 2008

His Thingy

Over the last few days Austin has started a new "habit." It is driving me crazy and though I have tried to remain level-headed about it and tell myself it is just a phase, it is plaguing me.

I don't know if all boys go through this or if it is just an Austin thing, but I want it to stop.

Based on the title of the blog you may already be drawing conclusions about the nature of this new habit, but that may be a bit misleading.

You see the title should emphasize the last letter to be appropriate to the problem.

He has all of the sudden started attaching the "ee" sound to many of his words.
"Mommy, look at my trucky."
"Where is my cuppy?"
"Going to churchy"
"Sleep in my bedy"
"Eating a hot dogy."

Ugh... The teacher in me is screaming!

I have tried to remain calm and not draw attention to this little habit of his. I always respond to him with the proper pronunciation of the word and say, "Yes, Austin. We are on our way to church."

I hope he gets over it soon. Otherwise his mommy the teacher and his aunt the speech pathologist might have to do an intervention.

Just kidding......I think!


Jenn said...

I think if you don't make a big deal about it and always answer him back in the right way ,it will just pass. I find when you make a big deal ,then they think it's funny so it drags on longer. All kids are different though so who knows. I hope for your sake that soon he doesn't find it fun anymore and it just stops.

Jennifer said...

Don't worry. He won't go to Kindergarden saying that. He is just playing with the language. It's a game and it's fun. What more can you ask for--a child enjoying language. Now that he hears ends of words, maybe start doing rhyming games. My kid started rhyming after discovering Dr. Seuess' Wocket in my Pocket.

BTW, love the new look! ;)

Wendi said...

You. got. me.
I was sure you were going in a different direction with this.
So glad THAT wasn't it.

Did you design your own blog thingy?
I am loving the looky!