Sunday, June 15, 2008


What would we do without fathers?
Without them there would be no one to take care of the bugs, teach us how to shake off the pain from our boo-boos, be tough and sensitive at the same time, and generally love us like only a daddy can. There are so many wonderful things about Dads and today I want to honor the ones in my life.
First and foremost, my wonderful husband Mark. Though it seems impossible, my love for you grows stronger each day, especially each time I see you interacting with our kids. You are an amazing daddy and our children are so lucky to have you.
Your tenderness and patience with Mia are true testaments to the kind man that you are. I can't wait to watch her grow up admiring you. Someday those little feet will want to dance with you, those little hands will want to have tea with you and those beautiful eyes will be fixed on everything you do. She is so lucky to have you as her Daddy. I hope that someday she will be as lucky as I am to have a husband like you.

You and Austin have a special relationship and that is a result of your playful personality and great sense of humor. I love watching your interactions! My heart smiles when I see how much he loves spending time with you. I pray that as he continues to grow he will become a man of integrity, faith, honesty, loyalty and family, just like Daddy. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. I am so proud of you and the way you lead our family.

The next man to honor is my Dad.

God could not have blessed me with a better father. Though most of my childhood you had to be my Daddy from a distance, I always knew how much you loved me. You always went out of your way to do special things for me and spend special time with me. Thank you for never giving up on being involved in my life. Your encouragement, love and support have meant the world to me. My heart is overflowing with love for you!

Watching you now with my kids is such a joy. There is no doubt that you love them and they love you. Though you live many states away, you have made every effort to be involved in their lives and for that I am so grateful. Austin has so much fun with you and I see so much of you in him. I love that he will have a grandfather like you to look up to.

You wanted a granddaughter and you got her. It is so sweet to see you with her and it brings back so many memories of times I spent with you as a little girl. I know that as she grows she will hold a special place in her heart for you. How could she not, when you are such a wonderful man to look up to.

Next is Mark's Dad....also "Dad."

I love you because family means everything to you and you have so graciously welcomed me into the wonderful family you have built.

Mia is already looking up to you and enjoying the comforting arms of her Grandpa. I know that as she grows she will hold a special place in her heart for you because of the kind and gentle man that you are. What a lucky girl!

Austin truly enjoys his time with you and I know that will only increase as he grows. Someday you might just have a duck hunting buddy! He has your engineering blood and is sure to have a lot in common with you. Thanks for all you do for our family and for the love you show in so many ways.

Next are my Grandfathers.

What a lucky girl I have been to have such sweet, loving, faithful men as my grandfathers.

Grandpa, you have taught me amazing lessons in perseverance, hope and strength. I have so many fond memories of going fishing, tending your garden, playing "Billy Goat Gruff", eating your amazing hamburgers and riding on your lap while you popped wheelies. Thank you for being a constant in my life and a man that I could truly look up to and admire for the faith and love that you displayed in leading the family. Seeing you now with your great grandkids is such a blessing. I know that it bring you so much joy and that makes my heart sing.

Papi, you and I have always had a special relationship. One of my earliest memories is of you holding me and how much I enjoyed the comfort of rubbing on your extremely soft earlobes. You are a wise, gentle, loving man that has lead your family through faith and for that I am so grateful. God has truly blessed you and I am fortunate to be a part of the family he has given you. Thank you for being an example of the kind of man that I would eventually want as a husband. Your love for Abuela is a joy to observe. Seeing you with my kids is a treasure and I hope that they will get to interact with you for many years to come.
I hope that each of the wonderful fathers in my life have a great Father's Day and truly know how much they are treasured by the wives, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in their lives. Happy Father's Day!!!


Jenn said...

That was beautiful, you are very lucky to have each and everyone of them. I feel the same way about my husband and I'm glad his dad loves our baby so much,since it's the only grandfather my son will ever know. Hope you have a great day!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I have been lovin' all these wonderful father's day posts. What a great father AND husband you have!