Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tractor Tippin'

Though Austin is slightly obsessed with the Chicken Little movie right now, his constant favorite is Cars. By far, his favorite scene is the one below.

He would watch that scene 100 times a day if we let him. He has it completely memorized and at times will hear a sound that reminds him of the scene, and he will say something like, "Uh oh, there's Frank." It's hilarious!
Of course, he has the toy version of the tractor and loves to play with it. He came across the tractor today after not seeing it for awhile. Needless to say, he was really excited.

He brought it over to the coffee table and started tractor tippin' to his little heart's content. He then tried to get Mommy in on the action and we searched in vain to find the second tractor that he owns.
So, I appeased him by helping to make the sound effects while he tipped the tractor. He loves this activity so much that I will very often come down to the basement and find this.

All of Austin's vehicles are subject to tippin'. And, he actually prefers them that way. If I set them down to move them out of the way, clean them up or avoid tripping, he gets very upset and resets them...sound effects included.

Every once in awhile frustration ensues. Notice him in the background of the picture trying to tip another vehicle. Unfortunately, that vehicle is a cement mixer, and because of its protruding rear end, it is not working.

He continued to try to "tip" the vehicle, but as hard as he tried, it would fall over everytime. In the above picture he is actually crying because it won't work.

So, he moved on... Notice him in the back trying to "tip" his plastic shark. You can easily guess how that ended.

The smile on his face shows that he thoroughly enjoys this simple little game he plays. I am convinced that no matter what, Austin makes sure that there is always one "tipped" vehicle in the house at all times. No modes of transportation are exempt. Thomas the Train, the Little People Plane, cars, trucks, and even plastic sharks are all subject to tippin' fun. And, fun is exactly what it is watching my boy entertain himself with such creativity and unbridled joy.

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