Thursday, June 5, 2008

One of THOSE days

Yesterday was one of THOSE days. You know the ones. You wake up and think that it is just a normal day and things will go their normal way, but within minutes it becomes obvious that just isn't going to be the case.
I was hoping for normal after having been up five times in the night with Mia. It started to get humid overnight and seeing as how she still likes to be swaddled, she would get hot, break out of the swaddle and then cry because she wasn't swaddled. Go figure!
Anyway, things were normal with her for the day...thank goodness for that.
When Austin woke up I went into his room and he immediately said, "big boogers." I said, "Oh really. You have big boogers, huh. Let Mommy see." So, I looked but didn't see even small boogers. I chalked it up to something that may have already happened and figured I would have to scour his crib later to make sure he hadn't deposited any big boogers on his rails, sheet or animal friends. However, he kept insisting he had big boogers.
I changed his diaper, got him dressed and we went downstairs to get breakfast. Within about 10 minutes he came over and said, "need kleenex." I turned around and looked at him. Sure enough, he needed a kleenex. His nose was running on both sides and it was then that I realized that the "big boogers" statement was him trying to describe his congestion. He thought he had big boogers blocking things up there, but that was "snot" the problem. (Sorry, I couldn't help it!)
He had managed to catch the cold that my bigger baby had been dealing with for a couple days.
Actually, I must say that during this cold Mark has been much less of a baby than he usually is. So, both my guys were sick and needing some extra attention for the day.
Then, when nap time rolled around Austin threw a fit because he wanted to watch "Chicken Little." He definitely reserves his tantrums for when he is sick or overtired. So, to get him to go to bed I promised him that he could watch the movie when woke up. I guess he decided that he would cooperate, sort of. He got in the bed and stayed quietly in his room for about 45 minutes to an hour. I laid down to try to recover from the lack of sleep that I got the night before. It wasn't long before Mark brought Austin in and declared that he was awake. I was so sleepy that I didn't realize that he had probably never slept, which of course he hadn't. Austin immediately declared, "Chicken Little time."
Once I woke up and realized what time it was, and that he had obvious not slept, I tried to lay him back down, but no luck. So, I now had a toddler with a cold and no nap. Not to mention that I really didn't get a nap either. It was sure to be a great evening!
We managed to get through dinner okay though he didn't eat much since he was tired and sick. What he did eat was all of his carrots and a purple popsicle, which I let him have since I figured his throat hurt like Mark's did at the beginning of his cold.
Before bedtime I gave Austin some berry flavored and colored medicine. Mark took him upstairs to put him to bed. Austin decided to play chase and ran nearly naked into Mia's room where I was feeding her before putting her to bed. Mark came in and starting putting his pajamas on and just as he was finishing, Austin stuck his fingers too far into his mouth and with his nose congested it was just enough to make him.....gag and throw up. Mark instinctively put his hands in front of Austin to help keep the carpet as vomit-free as possible, but it just kept coming. Austin started to cry and we were both trying to console him. I quickly laid Mia in her crib and tried to grab something to catch the nastiness before it continued to contaminate her room. Mark, with hands FULL of vomit, started ushering Austin to the bathroom and imploring me to lift the toilet seat so he could empty the contents before he threw up. I ran in and did just that, but starting laughing uncontrollably. I don't know if that was because I was secretly glad that I didn't have hands full of vomit or just because I didn't know what else to do.
Mia, of course, started to cry since her meal and bedtime routine were interrupted. I went into her room to evaluate the situation and come up with a clean up plan. All I have to say at the sight of it is, "Gross!" It was a colorful pile. Orange carrots, purple popsicle and berry medicine. Woah!
I honestly don't know which was worse. Being thrown up on and then having to give Austin a bath from the vomit that was on him, or having to clean up the somewhat shag carpet. It was a lengthy, challenging clean up and Mia was not happy about it at all. Because of the cleaning fumes she had to be put to bed in our room and then moved later in the night.
But thankfully, as they say in Chicken Little, "Today is a new day!"

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Jenn said...

Oh yuck ! You poor woman you, I think that's the thing I hate dealing with the most.