Monday, June 9, 2008

Who's Who

One of the things that I have enjoyed doing since becoming the mother of two, is going back to the pictures of Austin and comparing how similar he and Mia look in pictures at the same age in weeks or months.
I try, at least each month, to send out slideshows with pictures of the kids to family and some friends. In those slideshows I have put together some crazy comparison photos. In some of them, Austin and Mia are actually in the same position or pose. The definitely have some strong similarities. See for yourself! Austin is always the first or top one in the comparisons.
Austin and Mia - One day old
Austin and Mia - 3 weeks old
Austin and Mia - 5 weeks old

Austin and Mia - 7 weeks old
Austin and Mia - 3 months old


Jenn said...

I do this with my 4 kids too ! I just read the one about the leaking I never had it happen but I always worried about it.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh my gosh! Sooooo cute! Seriously, what cute pics!