Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Treasure

Last September, my grandparents who used to live about 40 minutes away from us, moved about 4 hours away. Austin and I used to go visit them about every two weeks. We loved our visits to their house. Austin formed a special bond with his Gigi and Great Grandpa. It certainly didn't hurt that my grandfather is in a wheelchair due to an accident he had many years ago. Austin has always been fascinated by his "wheels." And, of course, Gigi always had a treat or two for him and plenty of hugs and kisses.
This past weekend we stayed with my grandparents while attending my cousin's wedding. On the drive to their new house Austin seemed confused that it was taking so long. He kept verifying that we were indeed going to visit them. It was strange since we had visited them there once before. But, I guess he is getting old enough to be able to articulate his confusion. He was so excited when we got there!
He sat in Gigi's lap and watched a video of "The Big, Bad Wolf." She had all his favorite fruits and a couple yummy sweet treats for him. Regardless of treats he knows how much his great grandparents love him and that is far more special to him than treats.

Great Grandpa taught him how to shell and eat peanuts. He was really concentrating on the task and enjoying the salty reward inside the shell.

It was a sweet moment watching them eat peanuts together. It truly warms my heart that my kids get to have a relationship with their great grandparents. I barely knew two of my great grandmothers before they passed away. Austin and Mia have 6 great grandparents and have been able to spend good time with 5 of them. What a treasure!

This was the second time that Mia got to see Gigi and Great Grandpa and they were thrilled to get to see her again. She seemed pretty happy about it too!
Mia sure liked the motion of riding with Great Grandpa.

All good things must end and so on Sunday we headed home. Austin was watching a movie in the car as we approached our house. When we pulled into the driveway he looked up and burst into tearful hysterics. He was crying, "Gigi's house. Gigi's house." For a good 20 minutes he was inconsolable and we couldn't help him understand that they don't live close by anymore. For the last few days he has cried a little bit each day wanting to go back to see them. I can't even mention them or our trip to Mark or anyone else because he starts to cry and beg to go back to their house. I guess he is finally able to articulate in his way that he misses his time with them and how very special they are in his little life.

It was a great weekend visit and we are so looking forward to another visit, hopefully soon. Love you and miss you already Gigi and Great Grandpa!

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Jenn said...

Nice pics, I love the one with the two of them sitting there not looking at the camera and part of the flag hanging down the side.