Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Island Heat

Eight years ago I moved from hot, humid Miami, Florida to live in the more moderate, seasonal climate of Pennsylvania. I remember the most common question I got in the first few months that I lived here was, "WHY would you move from a place like Miami to live HERE?" I think that most people think about the warm weather, beaches and general island feel of Miami and can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to live there. But, living in Miami on a day in and day out basis is not like being there on vacation. You can tolerate the heat and humidity for a week or so when you are on vacation, but after that it is much less appealing. When your legs stick to furniture because of your sweat, you can suffer a first degree burn from sitting on your car seat or touching the steering wheel, spending 30 minutes on your hair can be undone in 30 seconds of outdoor humidity, you have to carry deodorant or body spray in your purse, and make-up can literally melt off your face, things aren't quite so much like a daily vacation. I know some people just love it, but it definitely didn't make my list of positive features, which is part of the reason I love living in Pennsylvania.

However, the past four days here have felt like the island heat of Miami. Needless to say, we have not spent quite as much time outside. Yesterday I took Austin outside to play and run around while Mia was sleeping. After about 20 minutes I noticed that he was spending a lot of time in the garage "choosing new toys to play with." In fact, he was just getting a break from the heat with the dog. When I went in to see what he was doing he said, "Mommy, I thirsty. Go inside!" I happily agreed with that plan. Today, he was out a full 10 minutes before he was asking to go inside. It is no wonder since it already felt like it was 100 degrees and it was only 10 am.

So, to help combat the heat we have be enjoying a lot of...

Ice cream!!!!

Austin is a big fan as you can see. I believe he is enjoying black cherry ice cream in this shot.

Mia is wondering where her ice cream is. Next year Mia!
The ice cream melts quickly in these temperatures so you have to eat fast. If you could see Austin's shorts you would come to the conclusion that he isn't eating quite fast enough.

"I'm definitely going to need a bath tonight. There is ice cream in between every one of my fingers, in the crease of my neck and of course all over my face. Before I am done I will most likely also have ice cream in my hair. Mmmmmm, ice cream is so yummy! I think it is one of my most favorite things, although popsicles are really good too. I know Mommy doesn't like this really hot weather, but if it means we will keep having ice cream or popsicles everyday then I am all for it."

You want some ice cream????

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