Friday, June 13, 2008

Four Months Down and Improving

Last week Mia turned four months old.
Her fourth month was one of great change and for that we are extremely thankful. The first three months were tough to say the least. Reflux plagued her, and us for that matter. Acid is one ugly beast and she battled with it day and night. Most babies start smiling at six weeks or so, but she was so miserable and uncomfortable that we didn't see her pretty smile until nearly twelve weeks. Even then the grins and happy moments were fleeting.

I am not going to lie, being the parents of a baby that cries all the time is really tough. There were days that I thought things would never change. Sometimes I would be trying to fall asleep and swear that I could hear her crying even though the monitor near my head told me otherwise. Her cry was in my head like a song that replays over and over. I was torn between sadness, frustration and sympathy. Finally, as she progressed through her fourth month I started to see the signs of change.
Each morning she woke up happy and cooing in her crib. When Mark or I would go in to get her she was all smiles. Mornings were definitely her best time of day, and I cherished them like never before. As things continued to change and improve she went from needing to be held, what seemed like all the time, to spending a large portion of her time playing and happily looking around. It was wonderful to see her truly enjoying SOMETHING. Austin also enjoyed the changes in Mia and began interacting with her much more.
Previously, he was so turned off by her constant crying that he barely went near her. The pictures I would get with them together were mostly staged when she happened to be calm. But, eventually they noticed each other and he loved it when she would smile at him or try to touch his face. Now, he even asks to hold her, and is constantly trying to climb on the side of her crib or changing table to see her and make her smile. It is a sweet and beautiful sight! God has definitely begun to heal the ailments of my little girl.
As of last week, she is no longer taking medication for her reflux and seems to be doing well. Though she is still very clingy and cries when most people attempt to hold her, it IS getting better. I feel like a more normal life is just around the corner.
What a difference a month makes! Last month I was telling Mark that I wished I could just wiggle my nose and she would be one. I didn't care about the milestones that would be missed or anything else, because I just wanted the fussiness to be over. Now, my days are brighter. I am so glad that I wasn't born with any superpowers to travel to the future, because I am eager to see all the milestones and happy days to come.


Jenn said...

I'm glad she's feeling better, it makes for a happier baby and household. Since your little fella is younger then mine ,do you remember when they start holding their bottles? I look back at pictures of the other three and see it around 6 months but don't know if they started before and I just don't have pictures of it. I can't wait till Brody starts and since he is just a week younger then your little one I like watching what she is doing and seeing what he will be soon too. I think she is beautiful. Have a great day !

Susan said...

According to my pictures, Austin started holding a bottle when he was about 5 and half months, but wasn't really great at it until he was past the six month mark.
Have a great weekend!